Amazon’s touchscreen Echo could launch this week

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A few days ago, plans for the touchscreen Amazon ache were leaked and it appears that it could be announced as soon as today. The leak has caused a lot of discussion on just how ugly the design is (assuming it is real). The touchscreen speaker has a 7inch display sitting on top of a speaker and the inclusion of a camera. It has a sort of wedge shape which gives it a bit of a retro look, and in general looks like there has not been much thought into making it look nice.  The same could be said for the Echo itself, especially when compared to Google Home.

The new touchscreen Echo would be the fifth such device from Amazon. There are three speaker-only models: the original Echo, the smaller Echo Dot and the portable Tap. The company also recently unveiled the Echo Look, a camera-speaker combo that gives you fashion tips (The Look is currently only available via invitation, however). The Wall Street Journal reports that the touchscreen Echo is expected to retail at more than $200. By comparison, the Look is $200, the original is currently priced around $150, the Tap is $130 and the Dot is $50.

Personally, I would have thought that rather than having an all in one unit, it would be good to have some sort of Echo docking system for an Amazon tablet, where the base unit can operate independently but then offer additional functionality when the tablet is mounted.

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