Amazon Kindle for the UK

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There’s been plenty of rumours of Amazon’s Kindle being released on these shores and at last it’s here (and 99 other countries)


For those unsure on what this piece of kit is, its basically the best e-reader money can buy (if you believe everything you read of course) It has the ability to connect to a 3G network, allowing it to download new books directly from Amazon online(a choice of 250,000 books). You can also subscribe to online magazines and newspapers (The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the New York Times) and it will download these automatically. It also has the ability to receive Microsoft Word documents and also email capabilities and has a keyboard to facilitate these.


Now getting one isn’t as easy as you’d think. You cant just order an English kindle from Instead you need to get onto and order one from them. This will set you back $299 and a $45 import tax which roughly translates to £220. This will come with an American power adaptor but will work just fine here in Blighty as will the free 3G access.


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  1. It’s surprising how low the search terms for ‘Kindle’ is. Its questionable if this will take off because of our tradition for books. Also many books sold in the UK aren’t actually read so people may not actually be keen on reading. The energy preservation is very clever though.


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