Believe it or not this month will be a momentous occasion for Amazon Kindle fans in the UK as it’s finally getting an official UK model release. This will mean no more having to get an adaptor to use your Kindle in this country and should be easy to pick up. I’ve not had much chance to play with an e-reader to be honest mainly because I’m not a big book reader (i prefer to watch the film adaptations 😉 ) but from what I know the Amazon Kindle is a major player in the market and surely this news will be interesting to it’s UK users.


Arriving on the 27th day of this very month, Amazon will start it’s very own UK Kindle store and 2 models will be for sale. The first being a WiFi only model that will set the punters back £109 and then there’s the WiFi + 3G model at £149. Now correct me if I’m wrong that’s a lot cheaper than an iPad, so if books on the go is your thing surely this might be worth a look at. What else? Well they’ve sent the Kindle on a diet. Now 20% smaller in dimensions, it’s also 50g lighter adding to the portability and also the screen is now up to 50% sharper. Added to that a fantastic battery life of a month, yes a month(provided all the WiFi and 3G are off although it lasts 10 days with them on) and a new WebKit browser to improve it’s web browsing it’s certainly shaping itself up for us here in Blighty.


When the new Amazon Kindle store opens with it users will have a starting choice of 400,000  titles to pick from and your Kindle will hold up to 3500 of them you’ll get plenty of choice. Amazon are also saying that if you spot an eBook cheaper elsewhere they will beat the price…… Nice one Amazon.


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