Amazon buying web os?

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The Internet has been abuzz with rumors that Amazon, fresh off its Kindle announcements is poised to buy the bones of Palm from HP. Those bones would be the web os operating system and the substantial amount of patents Palm obtained during happier days.  This is very unlikely to come to pass for several reasons.  First, Amazon has spent a lot of resources creating the Android variant that the Kindle Fire uses. Second, Amazon has also expended a fair amount of coin in creating the Android App store that directly competes with the Google Android App store.

If the rumor does happen to be true, the reason would be little comfort to the web os faithful as such a move would probably be made to obtain he intellectual property and be able to cannibalize web os features for the forked Amazon version of Android. While Jeff Bezos, has proven time and again that he is willing to make unusual moves, Amazon seems to be pretty well invested in their customized version of Android with the App Store and Silk, although there might be some merit in using web os in a European only version of the Fire to get around privacy problems that seem to be preventing the Flame being deployed in the UK

On HP's side, if Amazon offered say, $1.6BN USD for everything and took over legacy web os support. HP would more than likely jump on that. Its quick money to bolster theirQ4 earnings, and further lets them save having to write off some of the wind down costs.

If Amazon did buy web os, don’t be surprised to see Todd Bradley exit HP, quite possibly for Amazon. Frankly, since HP is likely to not spin off the personal computer division at this point and Mr. Bradley, who has been courted by the likes of Intel for their CEO sport, but twice passed over for the top job at HP, he is getting ready to go elsewhere anyway.


Time will tell, but I would not bet the rent money on it coming to pass.

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  1. I have to agree with the comment above, it really would be good if someone bought the technology and ran with it. However, I can’t see it being Amazon, too much investment elsewhere and WebOS doesn’t really fall into a key business for them. It is a shame though, as someone as large as Amazon could really get behind it and make it fly.

    Let’s hope there is a company who will take WebOS forward for all of us who now have a HP Touchpad and are not really looking to switch to Android.


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