Amazon bringing lockers to the UK

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Amazon has been widely touted as the killer of bricks and mortar shops but apparently they have found a way to co-exist.  It has been widely reported that the Internet purveyor of all things shippable has struck an agreement with mall operator Land Securities to host lockers, much like one finds in rail stations and airports, that will serve as a pick up point for parcels that will not fit through mail slots. A similar service is being tested in the US with quick shop chain 7-11 acting as the host.

The UK lockers appear to be marketed as a matter of convenience for customers who don’t have to take off work to wait for large gadget parcels, whereas the US trial seems to be based more on concerns one might have about leaving parcels on the doorstep, which is common in most parts of the US. It is believed that one wanting to take advantage of the service will be given a code to be entered at a keypad and the locker with the customers parcel will open.

It is a bit ironic that a company that’s business plan has had the effect of shuttering many booksellers and other small businesses is now using retail malls as pick up points for their deliveries.  Retail Week reported that the first locker is in place at London’s One New Change and had pictures of the installation.  Amazon has declined comment to the media on the matter.

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