Advantages of serverless intranets

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The Cloud as a concept has become a lot more prominent over the past 5 years. The ability to store all your information in one place without the need for anything physical is very appealing, especially to businesses who have a lot of data, so many systems have moved onto a cloud based platform to accommodate for this.

Cloud-based, serverless intranet software has a whole host of advantages over on-premise software. Whilst they may not be perfect for everyone, we think that it’s definitely worth considering, especially for SMB’s. Therefore, we’ve created a small list detailing some of the pros of having a cloud based intranet, so that you can decide whether or not it’s the right move for you.

  • Pricing Structure

Since you don’t actually own the software as such, you pay for cloud based intranet services differently to how you would pay for on-premise solutions. Typically, with on-site software, you pay one time for the software and all the equipment that is required. However, this is not cheap by any means, and can be a massive investment that not all businesses could afford. However, with cloud-based software, you pay a monthly cost, which usually scales based on how many employees will be using the software. This is a lot more manageable and is also a lot simpler accounting-wise.

  • Remote Access

With cloud-based intranet solutions, it is far easier to access the software when you’re outside of the office. Serverless intranets can be accessed from your home computer, your laptop, and even your mobile devices, meaning they’re incredibly convenient for your employees. Whilst some on-site solutions can do these things, they’re a lot more difficult, and it takes away from that convenience that you get with a cloud-based alternative.

  • IT Support

When you have cloud-based intranet software, you can be assured that there will almost always be high quality IT support just a phone call away to assist you with any problems you might have. This is especially helpful in the early days of you getting the software when you’ll likely have a lot of questions. When you have on-premise software, you often don’t get any IT support, so you’ll have to find the answers to any questions yourself or hire an internal IT professional.

  • Updates

Much like any other piece of software that you're used to, cloud-based intranets occasionally receive updates. These updates add new features to the software and iron out any bugs or issues that may commonly occur.

Obviously, not everything about cloud-based intranets is positive. For example, a lot of serverless solutions don’t allow for the same level of customisation that on-premise intranets do. However, we still think that they are an excellent service and that soon almost all intranets, no matter how complex or specific, will be hosted on the cloud.

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