Adidas miCoach SMART RUN announced. Another smartwatch / fitness tracker

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2013 is definitely all about smartwatches and fitness trackers. This time we have an Adidas Smart Watch, the miCoach SMART RUN which should be available in the states from the 1st of November.

Unlike fitness trackers such as fitbit which are relatively cheap, this closer related to the old fashioned Heart Rate Monitors from Polar or Garmin, but being a smartwatch it runs Android (4.1.1) and has a 1.45-inch transflective TFT LCD at 184 x 184 with a capacitive touchscreen

The smartwatch can figure out your heart rate from the pulse in your wrist, and then factor that in with various onboard movement sensors as well as route tracking. The watch will cook up a custom exercise program with personalized training suggestions, and give prompts for that routine on the colour display.

In order to free you up from your phone, Addidas have integrated other features into the watch too, including an onboard media player can push audio via Bluetooth to your wireless headphones, as well as training suggestions. Storage is limited to 3GB of music (4GB total storage) so you wont be getting too much music on there.

There is also wifi and an accelerometer built it, and the device can sync to  Adidas’ miCoach fitness cloud. Altogether the watch monitors steps, heart rate, speed, and distance, with the miCoach SMART RUN giving suggestions on whether the wearer should speed up, slow down, or change your routine.

Battery life is varies greatly depending on use, . Turn GPS on, and stream music and fitness prompts to your headphones, and you’ll get about eight hours out of the smartwatch; just use it in the more basic watch mode, and it’ll run for about a week on a single charge.

Unfortunately all this tech packed into a rather niche fitness accessory means the price is $399.

It will be interesting to see how accurate the HRM is using the wrist compared to old fashioned chest straps, as this will no doubt play an important role in any serious athletes decision to buy one.


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