Acorn E1 Earphone Review

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Acorn Headphones are a fairly new company to the market, whom we had not heard of before. They are a small British company developing earphones that are house in real wood which is supposed to help produce a rich, powerful sound.

Currently their only earphone is the Acorn E1 which is a pretty standard earphone which comes with 3 sizes of silicon ear inserts and retails for £29.99 which puts them in the same price range as the excellent SoundMAGIC E10 earphones.

The packaging of the headphones is basic but perfectly adequate and the headphones themselves are good looking with a light coloured wood housing with an Acorn carved into the back. The cable is a pretty standard plastic cable with  no volume controls. The connection to the jack seems considerably more substantial than competitors, especially the E10s. This may seem like a silly point but the SoundMAGIC E10 have shocking build quality and we can't get more than 6 months use out of them before one of the channels dies. While we cannot say for certain that these are any less likely to fail, they do appear to be tougher.

In terms of sound quality they perform well but not as good as the SoundMAGIC E10s, the base seems to be lacking on certain tracks, and it is very dependent on fit. As the earphones have burned in the sound quality does seem to have improved and they will be a considerable improvement to earphones supplied with phones.

Overall you will be very happy with these earphones if you buy them, it is an extremely competitive market with the long established Sennheiser having a couple of earphones in this price range and the universally well reviewed SoundMAGIC earphones. While I think the SoundMAGIC edge ahead with sound quality they have truly shocking build quality with failures happening within a few months. Obviously we cannot guarantee the Acorns will last longer but the build quality does appear to be considerably better, and therefore we highly recommend them.

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