Over the past few years the need to be connected to the internet has grown exponentially. Services like Netflix streaming didn't exist until 2007 and this wasn't even launch in the UK until 2012, just 2 years later it is one of the most popular services in the UK, and streaming in general has exploded in popularity with a shift from recording TV shows via DVR to streaming them via catch-up. BBC have even closed down BBC 3 on air in favour of streaming its shows.  There has also been a boom in data orientated telecommunications such as Skype or VOIP as well as online gaming such as WOW and COD.

All of these services are fantastic but they are all heavily reliant on having a good internet connection. If you are in a town or city this is normally fine dependant on your location compared to the telephone exchange, and the rollout of fibre is improving things. Unfortunately things are not so great in rural areas, the father you are from a phone exchange the worse you internet connection will be, often dropping below 2Mbps and fibre in not necessarily the solution as this is also heavily affected by the distance from a cabinet. On top of this approximately 5% of the population are on exchange only lines which means they cannot get fibre to cabinet, and could be without high speed broadband for many years.

One solution that has existed since early 2000 is satellite broadband. This is exactly how it sounds, you receive your internet via a satellite which therefore has no limitations on location, you can live in the remotest part of the UK and still receive broadband. Over the years the technology behind satellite broadband has continues to improve and now it can reach speeds as high as 20 Mbps down and upload speeds stand at 6 Mbps, which is faster than ADSL+.

For as little as £19.99 per month Tooway can provide Satellite broadband in the UK finally allowing you to access data intensive services such as Netlix and BBC iPlayer. Because the system uses a small parabolic antenna rather than your phone line there is also no need to have a BT phone line at your home putting the overall monthly price in line with many normal ADSL providers.

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