Sponsored : Acer Switch 5 – The perfect convertible tablet for the mobile professional

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Acer and lifestyle blogger Carl Cunard have teamed up to show how good the Acer Switch 5 is for the mobile professional.

Carl is a YouTuber and a blogger on In-My-Shoes.co.uk where he blogs and vlogs about style, grooming techniques and insight into his crazy lifestyle. Due to the nature of his work he is rarely able to work from a desktop or in an office. Instead, most of his work is done on the move during his many adventures around the world.

The Acer Spin 5 is the perfect 2-in-1 for a device for his needs. Using the power-efficient Intel i5-8250U CPU combined with a sizable 256GB hard-drive, the Acer is both ultra-lightweight and powerful.

The 14” display allows the laptop to be small enough to fit conveniently into shoulder bags while on the move, and the 1920x1080p resolution provides ample screen real estate for editing videos and writing up blog posts.

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