Acer Revo 100 : PS2 like slim desktop

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The desktop PC unless for business use or hardcore gaming seems to be dying, a thing of the past replaced by fancy Tablet PCs, Laptopsand Netbooks. Re-invented as with space saving in mind and the popularity of the iMac, all-in one PCs seem to be the way of the home desktop PC but you can also opt for a super small barebones or this new Revo 100 from Acer a super slim desktop that closely resembles the PS2 slim of yesteryear.


At a size zero, well 300 x 180 x 25mm this wafer thin machine is powered with an AMD Athlon Neo II processor(various speeds) backed up with Nvidia’s Ion GPU chipset allowing the machine capability of a Full HD 1080p output. Also inside is 4GB of DDR3 RAM, up to 750GB of HDD space, DVD or Blu-Ray drive,  optional TV Tuner and Windows 7 Home Premium. All this with the usual 3x USB 2.0 ports, N-Standard WiFi, card reader, 2x mini PCI-E slots and HDMI output it’s certainly packing the goods for a decent multimedia PC.


The Revo 100 is Acer’s first computer to have it’s new technology. This is basically an app that connects all the Acer devices you may have in your home together onto your network with relative ease, whether it be other PCs, Laptops, Media Players or mobile phones. What you also get bundled in with it is a dual-mode wireless touchpad, allowing for touch keyboard and multi-gesture modes or in other words the ability to operate your computer as you would your smartphone with pinches and swipes.


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