Acer Aspire One 521 and 721 : New AMD netbooks

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HD content is all the range now and unless you’re living under a rock you aren’t going to know about it. Acer have announced two new models into its netbook range powered by AMDs new range of chips focusing on the power needed for mobile HD use on a computer, which some smaller form machines might struggle with.


The 521 is a 10.1” 1024×600 affair run by a single core AMD V105(1.2GHz) whilst the meatier 721 is at 11.6” 1366×768 run by a dual-core AMD Athlon Neo K325. Both run Windows 7 and can have up to 4GB RAM. For the HD”ness” they will both run ATi Mobility Radeon HD4225 GPUs easily capable of firing out Full HD video and modern PC games should run ok too.


Other features include HDMI out so you can output onto a larger screen, a multi-touch trackpad for easy use. It will also have built in webcam and Bluetooth and there’s also optional 3G connectivity for internet on the go. We aren’t doing well today for getting prices on products but we do know they should be available by next month.

Acer One 721

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