Acer announce the Predator Z35P 3440×1440 120Hz monitor

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I have reviewed a couple of ultra-wide monitors before, and I generally love them, they are great for gaming and work while looking visually impressive on your desk. However, they do suffer from one issue normally, at a resolution of 3440×1440 the refresh rates haven’t been as great as some gamers would like. Most of them are capped at 60Hz, with the exception being the Acer X34A which is overclockable to 100Hz. The other option is normally to drop the resolution to 2560×1080 as seen on the Acer Z35.

Acer have now outdone themselves, with the announcement of the Predator Z35P which has a standard refresh rate up to 100Hz and then an overclockable refresh rate up to an impressive 120Hz.

The Acer Z35P comes with a VA-type panel which can display images from either HDMI or DisplayPort connections. This monitor also comes with a stand that offers up to 20-degree swivel and -4 to 35-degree tilt options.

This display is already available at select retailers in the US for $1099.99, which prices this display similarly to competing 3440×1440 G-Sync monitors.

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