Accepting Online Donations on WordPress is Now Easier than Ever Before

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WordPress has long had a reputation of being one of the easiest platforms to monetize. Recent changes have made it even easier to accept donations than before.

Some of these changes have involved regulators, who've been increasingly friendly to charitable organizations. Tax policies have shifted somewhat as well, which is making it easier for nonprofit groups to get started. It's gotten to the point where the WordPress Foundation even has activists on staff.

This also means that those who are trying to collect donations for their blog are up against increased competition, since that also means more people are now asking for donations than at any other point in the past. Fortunately, there are a few tools that can help make things a bit easier for you.

WordPress Plugins for Donors

A number of add-on modules for WordPress have come along and promised to help webmasters monetize their existing blogs. In some cases, users have been disappointed to find that some have come along after being put forward by developers who are trying to jump on the bandwagon and ride the wave of popularity left in its wake.

Nevertheless, there are a number of options that are worthy of consideration. For instance, the Donorbox plugin for WordPress has received some positive press in recent months. Potential users are encouraged to read reviews and do a little more research before they install anything.

That being said, once the installation is complete you more than likely won't have to do much tweaking to get it to work. Judging by some recent changes to the WordPress base, you'll be able to deploy the plugin in only a few moments. This alone might help to explain why so many people have been saying that it's easier to accept donations these days.

A few innovations regarding the underlying system have also sped things along.

WordPress Code Updates Solve Technical Issues

Relatively few webmasters take the time to read through every bulletin that WordPress' programmers send out. While this is understandable considering how much information comes out about the platform, it's also a shame since some of this is very important to those trying to monetize their blogs and raise money for good causes.

Some updates have solved long-standing issues with the software while others have made it possible to raise money using multiple currencies and even new payment methods. Donors are now able to make donations using whatever cryptocurrency tokens they prefer, which has proven attractive to tech-savvy individuals who don't want to be held down by traditional money.

Judging by feedback, this has made it possible for those who want to donate discretely to be a little more open with their habits. Those who might have some extra money that they'd prefer to donate in silence can take advantage of this feature to deposit it silently in the account of content creators they'd like to support.

Important security updates have also made the situation more friendly for those who are involved with fundraisers. Webmasters no longer have to fear people hijacking their sites and taking donation money away from them.

Perhaps more importantly, people are more willing to donate to sites when they're sure that their own payment details remain protected throughout an entire transaction. High-volume donors are always on the lookout for receipts and other documents that prove they made their contributions in full.

After these security updates were finalized, it became easier to provide encrypted documents to these patrons. In turn, that's encouraged people to give money.

How Content Creators Use Your Donations

Alternative currencies and security changes are likely to attract the lion's share of attention in the mainstream press. Technology journalists will probably blog about these issues, but they might forget what's really at stake here.

As it becomes easier for individuals to accept donations on WordPress, it's likely that many independent content creators will be able to support themselves. Graphic artists and musicians who otherwise wouldn't be able to earn enough money to create things on a full-time basis will suddenly have the freedom to do so.

When WordPress administrators realize this, they're likely to make it even easier for creators to accept donations and continue to throw themselves completely into their work.

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