A HUD in your ski goggles!!

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Here’s one for my boss as he loves skiing and for all you other powder lovers. Now you can get a set of goggles with a built in HUD or “heads up display” for the non-techs out there. Designed and manufactured by Recon Instruments the goggles house a 15mm diagonal micro display inside the lens, obviously seen on the inside by the wearer.


The display will show various kinds of information to your eyes whilst you’re careering down the slopes( to me that sounds dangerous, but i haven’t skied since i was 13). With GPS capabilities the HUD can display your speed, jump hang time, altitude, temperature and also has a stopwatch to time your runs. It has also been said Recon are trying to get the display to tell you where your friends are located if they have the goggles too.


Not got a release date yet but you’ll be looking at parting with $350 to $450(£230 to £300 approx.)


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