Love it or hate it, Vaping has become massive. At the very least vaping is safer than cigarette smoking, and it can be a great way to wean yourself off from cigarettes.

Blu is one of the larger names in the industry; they started off way back in 2009 by an entrepreneur named Jason Healy. It became so successful the tobacco giant Lorillard bought them out for $135million. It has since changed hands again and is now part of a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco called Fontem Ventures.

The Blu e-Cigs stick to the traditional shape of cigarettes, and the overall size of it makes it very portable. Personally, I much prefer this form it is a little more discrete and easier to carry around, I am not a heavy vaper, and I just think the box style ones look a bit dorky. The Blu Pro sits somewhere in the middle of a normal cigarette sized device and the larger box ones, so it is good for heavier users as well as new users.

Priced at just £14.99 the official blurb from Blu includes:

  • Top-filling clear window clearomiser for easy refilling
  • Long-lasting battery for optimal use between charging
  • Indicator lighting that notifies you of your charge level

The blu PRO Kit contains several user-friendly upgrades. The blu PRO Kit contains a top-filling clear window clearomiser for easy liquid refills. Indicator lights at the base of the device help you monitor your battery power throughout the day. With an upgraded battery connection and simple charging, you can now vape longer and charge faster than before. Optimised coil resistance creates a smoother, purer taste.

Within the kit you get

1 x Blu Pro Clearomiser

1 x Recharging device

1 x USB charger

The battery inside the Pro is 1,100mAh and offers roughly 10 hours of total vaping time (or about 500 puffs). In layman’s terms, the Pro Kit will provide two days’ worth of vaping for most vapers without having to recharge and a filled Blu clearomiser is good for about 300 puffs.

The Pro itself is very easy to use, the on and off is just like any other standard vape pen. Simply click the power button five times in succession. You fill the Pro buy unscrewing the three pieces of the device from each other. You then take the clearomiser and drip your Blu e-liquid of choice into the clearomiser. Once filled, simply screw the pieces back together.

Overall the Pro works great, and it is priced well. I am occasional users, so don’t fancy spending a fortune on a massive device, this kit works just great for me. The battery and volume should also be more than adequate for more advanced and heavy users.

Blu also has a great range of flavours, all of these costs £4.99 and come in 10ml sizes. I was sent the polar mint, green apple, mint chocolate and caramel café flavours, and my personal favourite was the green apple.

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Blu Pro Vape Kit

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