Everything You Need to Know About Smart Electric Meters

Energy or Electric meter is a device that measures the amount of electricity consumed by a building, area, or by electricity-powered equipment. Electronic utilities use such meters that are installed at customer’s premises to measure energy delivered to them for billing purposes. This energy is typically calibrated in billing units, commonly in kilowatt-hours (kWh), which … Read more

Best Hybrid City & MTB E-Bikes on Amazon: Electric bike buying guide

Following on from my foldable e-bikes buying guide, this post covers hybrid and mountain bike styled bikes. Hybrid & MTB vs Foldable E-Bikes Hybrid and mountain electric bikes are physically larger with bigger wheels than the foldable variety. Obviously, if you plan to go off-road and use these more for leisure than commuting opting for … Read more

Best Foldable Electric Bikes on Amazon: Counter the rising cost of petrol with an e-Bike

Five years ago I reviewed the Volt Connect, at the time I had mixed impressions it was big and quite heavy. While I could see its potential for commuting I think I struggled to separate my fitness focussed lifestyle with the practicality of an electric bile. More recently I have reviewed the foldable ADO A20 … Read more

How to Reduce Electricity Bills: Identifying power-hungry devices & limiting usage

I am lucky that I signed up for a new fixed tariff just before everything got too crazy with gas and electricity. However, I did see our monthly bill rise about 40% and now pay £220 a month, which is a lot for a two-person household. Like everyone else, I have been exploring ways to … Read more

SwitchBot Curtain Review – Combo pack with meter & button – Easy smart home automated curtains

The SwitchBot Bot, a smart button presser, has been a hugely successful smart home device that is incredibly innovative. It is one of those things I have always meant to buy but never go round to. SwitchBot has kindly sent me their Curtain Combo pack to try out, including the newest SwitchBot Curtain, a hub, … Read more

Top 4 Best Apps to Monitor Your Electricity Consumption

Would you like to minimize the amount of power that your home or small business is using? First off, you can compare and shop for Texas Electricity Companies to make sure you pay reasonable rates and don’t overspend. Then, consider reducing the costs while sticking to the services you are already using. It is no … Read more

Volt Connect Electric Bike Review – E-Bikes

Just before Christmas, I was contacted by Volt to review one of their e-bikes, the Volt Connect and I have been using it intermittently for the past couple of weeks. I am a reasonably keen cyclist that rides a road bike, and as an ex-obese person, one of the main reasons why I cycle is … Read more

How much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner, and how quickly does it cool a room? [Updated with 2022 prices]

UPDATE: This was originally written back in 2021 and somehow since then, back then all we had to worry about was a pandemic. That’s still a problem but we now also have war and a cost of living crisis. What a time to be alive. I have therefore updated this post with more accurate pricing, … Read more

Honor Magic4 Pro launching from £899 with 100W wireless charging, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, dual 50MP cameras & 64MP periscope camera

At MWC 2022, Honor just announced the Magic4 Pro, and it is possible that is the phone to beat this year. The  Honor Magic4 Pro has launched with a very high-end spec while keeping the price well under £1k. As you’d expect from a flagship device, this comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. … Read more

Neatsvor X600 Pro Review – Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner with laser navigation & mapping

My Eufy RoboVac 30C was only ever used to clean the kitchen, using boundary strips, we never had to worry about it wandering off and getting lost. It has worked well and consistently keeps my kitchen free from all the mess I create when cooking. However, after my limited amount of time with the Yeedi … Read more

SwitchBot Smart Humidifier Review – An affordable smart humidifier with IFTTT and voice integration

Following on from yesterdays SwitchBot Bot review, I have also been using their smart humidifier. This is not currently discounted on Amazon UK for Prime Day, but it is is available directly from SwitchBot for just £24.60 vs £45 on Amazon. Features: Set the desired humidification efficiency from 1-100% 3.5L/0.9Gal tank, it can work up … Read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know a Tesla Can Do?

Ever since the first Tesla cars were delivered to the customers, this company constantly strives to produce faster, more advanced, and ultimately, more futuristic vehicles. Every new Tesla model pushes the envelope further and introduces more and more specific technology, which results in unique products with unusual features. We realized that Tesla fans and prospective … Read more

Airpulse A80 Active Speakers launched for £629, offering high res audio and Bluetooth

I have covered a few active speakers and passive speakers recently. Most of my coverage leans towards the affordable, but if you are looking for something more premium, Airpulse has some attractive options. Airpulse is the premium audio solution from Edifier who I have covered extensively. The Airpulse A80 Active Speakers are technically the entry-level … Read more

Best Dehumidifier for Condensation Damp, Asthma & Allergies in the UK 2020

With the weather cooling and rain getting progressively worse, many of us will inevitably be suffering from damp within our homes. Types of damp Rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation are the three most common types of damp for residential properties. Condensation is the most common kind of damp and the one that will increase … Read more

Withings Body Cardio Smart Scales Review – A vital tool for weight loss with the added benefit of monitoring your heart health

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people seems to have gone one of two ways. Many people have used the lockdown period to take up exercise and start eating healthier (helped by a lack of access to restaurants and pubs). Many others have gained weight and often drunk a lot more than they should … Read more

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