Programming can be a very challenging field and it requires lots of effort to perfect the art. This will require one to sit for exams just to expound on the existing knowledge and information base. It is for this reason that we have certifications tests that are designed for this purpose.

Exams are very crucial and need to be taken seriously at all times. They are a key to in determining if you will progress to the next level or not. At the moment, there are numerous tests that are taken at all kinds of levels from the primary level all the way to the tertiary level. Nowadays, professionals also undertake certain exams so as to be considered qualified to practice.

This serves to show the essence of exams in our progression through life. Exams can be hard and at times easy, but one thing is evident it requires a proper preparation.

General overview of Microsoft 70-346 exam

The Microsoft 70-346 test is a very advanced type of exam that aims at assessing the real IT skills and capabilities of deploying and administering office 365 applications. It focuses mainly on the critical thinking and decision making aspects.

This exam is designed for the IT experts who take part handling Office 365 services. The professionals are heavily involved in planning, deploying, and evaluation of the services. In addition, they also get to handle dependent and supporting technological services.

The candidates should also have a good background knowledge and experience in dealing with Office 365 admin centre, a good understanding of Microsoft Exchange Online, Office 365 ProPlus, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Azure Active Director, and understanding of Skype for Business Online. To successfully undertake this exam, the students need also to be able to successfully integrate office 365 within a directory environment.

This Microsoft exam is designed with a focus on enhancing and assessing various skills, such as Provision Office 365, planning and implementing security and networking in Office 365, managing cloud identities, operating and troubleshooting Office 365 availability, and usage, implementing, and managing identities by using Both SSO and DirSync.

The 70-346 certification exam has two categories, namely performance-based and multiple choice. You can choose any depending on your preference. Both the categories have 60 questions which you must answer within the stipulated timeframe of 120 minutes. To pass this test, the candidates must attain a score of 600 and above.

Exam resources

There are a number of resources that one can use to prepare for this Microsoft exam.

Microsoft Learning – it is a very useful resource point that the students can get to learn how to tackle this Microsoft exam.

Aka practice test – this is a valuable resource containing lots of practice tests that the students can get to undertake as they prepare for the actual test.

Virtual Academy – it contains lots of online-based resources that are available to students. The site also contains other resources such as live events and videos.

Exam websites

Various websites exist that are related to this exam. They include:

Microsoft Press Blog Official Website – this is an official blog of Microsoft and it contains useful materials for learning and preparing for this advanced Microsoft exam.

PrepAway – this is a great and decent site that you will get all the related items on this Microsoft exam. It covers all the topics that are set to be covered by the certification test.

Exam-Labs – The website offers great content on everything pertaining to this exam. It contains information on all the course topics to be tested including practice questions.

Exam books

Exam Ref 70-346 Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements, 2nd Edition – it is a great book that covers all the Exam topics and gives you all the fundamental concepts you might need to know.

Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out – this is a great book written by Microsoft Inc. and it contains all the fundamental concepts of working with the 365 environment.

Office 365 for IT Pros – it is a good book for anyone who wants to know more about how the cloud within the 365 environment works and how to handle all its related concepts. It is regarded as one of the best books currently in the market for IT.

Programming Microsoft Office 365 – it is a book by Microsoft that offers developers a good platform to get to read more about the programming aspect of the Microsoft Office 365 environment.

How to pass the 70-346 exam?

Below are tips to aid you to pass this certification test:

  • Practice always. With proper practice, you will gain the confidence and familiarity with the exam and what it is all about. Make good use of the practice materials available online.
  • Ensure that you develop a good study guide to aid you in preparing adequately for the exam.
  • In case you do not know how to go about a particular topic always ask the tutor or a fellow student for guidance.
  • Make it a habit of always studying each day as this will keep your mind fresh.
  • Start early preparations and try to give priority to your weaker course topics. Early preparations will give you the opportunity to study with minimal pressure.
  • Ensure that you do not stress yourself that much with studies. Try to give yourself a good break in between your study sessions to give your mind a breathing space.
  • Do your revision with past exam papers to give yourself that good platform to know what areas are usually tested.


We believe that with exams, it means you need to remember a lot of stuff on that exam day since a lot of things is usually tested. So, to avoid being forgetful or being caught unawares, then it means that you need to program yourself to at least find time to study each day. This will keep things fresh in your mind and minimize that room of being in panic mode.