7 Big Differences Between Windows 7 and Windows 10

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Poor old Windows 8. The consensus seems to be that this was a big flop for Microsoft and one it’s looking to recover from. It may not be as bad as some of the naysayers have made out but when big companies like Samsung and Fujitsu put the boot in then it doesn’t look good.

There’s no doubting that many people took one look at 8 and decided to stick steadfastly to Windows 7. So what about Windows 10? It’s landing in 2015, so what’s different? We take a look at seven ways in which the new system differs from 7…


The new operating system brings together system messages and app notifications together in one place, ordering them chronologically. A small-but-simple tweak that is easier to find and use than the old ‘system tray’.


Accessing your Xbox Live account and streaming Xbox games on your PC will be second nature on Windows 10. It also contains a built-in game capture function. As trustedreviews.com states: “It may not be new technology, but having it baked into the OS is very useful. Also it will work with every game ever – at least so Microsoft says – so if you fancy capturing a video of your Monkey Island adventures, it will happily do so.”

Start Menu

Life moves on and technology changes but the old Windows 95 Start Menu seemingly has a strong place in our affections that shows no sign of weakening. It’s back with Windows 10 – so that should please some of the 8-hating crowd – but it draws together some of the tiled ‘Metro UI’ look of the last OS. A welcome return to form or a fudged compromise? You decide.


This new assistant has already been used on Windows Phone and is out to well and truly knock Apple’s Siri off her perch as the computerised assistant of choice. Microsoft has made no bones about taking on Siri – even making digs in adverts – and will incorporate a very similar version to Windows 10. It will allow you to search for files and folders as well as apps and set reminders, get traffic updates and check the weather.

Media player

Windows Media Players has been packed off into a technological retirement home and is no more. To reflect the dominance of streaming the player – and Windows Media Center – have been shuffled out of the door in favour of Xbox Music and Xbox Video. They should play your existing downloads while allowing you to purchase more music, TV shows and films from within the app.


A simple user account was all you really needed with Windows 7 – now it’s about Microsoft Accounts. If you’ve used OneDrive or an Xbox before you’ll already have one ready to use.


Whether it’s your phone or your PC these days there’s an app for you. With Windows 10 you’ll be popping over to the Windows Store to get them.

Convinced it’s for you? It’ll soon be time to let go of Windows 7 and that could be a pretty daunting prospect, especially for a business with a number of machines to move over. But, just as the operating systems have changed so has the migration process. Enlist a service such as 1E to make the process as swift and pain-free as possible and ensure you’re benefitting from the latest technology.

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