6 Ways to Make Money with Old Android

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Buying a new Android smartphone may not be a viable option for many of us, given the current economic situation. Thankfully, you absolutely do not need the latest and greatest flagship from Samsung or OnePlus to get by.

Even better still, old Android phones are capable of earning you some extra money on the side in 2020. And by old, we mean those that were launched as early as 2015! Anything with Android 5 Lollipop will do fine.

If you are worried about security updates and the latest apps, you can easily add a custom ROM like Lineage or Evolution OS to use them all! So without further ado, let’s look at a few ways in which you can make some cash with old Android phones in 2020:

1. Complete surveys and opinion polls

For modern companies, knowledge about consumer preferences and tastes are crucial for success. And they are willing to pay good money to get their hands on this. Now with online surveys and polls, you can get your hands on some of that money!

When using an Android phone, the obvious place to look for surveys would be this neat app from Google called Google Opinion Rewards. It is very easy to use – when you open it, the app will give you a list of different surveys available in your region.

Upon completing a survey, the app will give you money in the form of Google Play Balance. This could be anywhere from a few cents to a dollar per survey. The only downside is that you can only use this money on Google Play store, to buy books, games, movies, music, or apps.

iSurvey App from the poll firm Ipsos is an alternative if you want to earn money outside the Play Store. Here, the rewards include cash through PayPal, along with chances to redeem gift cards on popular online stores like Amazon or iTunes.

2. Cashback on Shopping

If you go online often for your regular shopping needs, this is a very good option to get some money. There are several apps on the Android Play Store that offer cashback or rebates on purchases you make from partner stores and shops.

This is actually better than collecting coupons as it gives you real money in your account! You can find many offers inside the app, saving you a lot of time and effort as well. Top apps in niche include Ibotta, Shopkick, and Swagbucks.

There are several ways to earn cash at these apps. One option is to visit partner stores and buy the products highlighted to receive the reward. Other options include completing specific tasks related to these products, like promoting them on Facebook, answering a few questions, etc.

3. Sell some photos

If your old Android phone has a decent camera, you can make good money on the side clicking photos. Of course, your chances are better if you have a passion for photography! The two main apps in this business are Foap and Clashot.

They both give you a chance to sell your photos online. Acting as the middleman, the app hooks you up with interested customers fairly quickly. You can even set your price, which is awesome. The apps often have specific contracts which you can take up as well.

4. Using online casino bonuses

If you like playing slot machines at Vegas or Reno, this is an option that you will enjoy immensely. And the best part is that if you opt for certain bonuses like no deposit free spins, you don’t have to spend any cash!

All you need to do is visit an online casino and join by registering as a new player. Many casinos give 100% free cash bonus or spin to entice new players. Sites such as NoDepositWorld.com can help you to find the new no deposit bonus codes.

5. Do some tasks offline

For years, Google has used people driving around in vehicles to map out streets and locations. Now, with an old Android phone, you can do something similar and earn some money. Apps like FieldAgent give you certain tasks that you have to complete out in the real world.

This usually includes visiting nearby stores, taking pictures of products available, asking a set of questions, etc. And don’t worry, not all the tasks require you to venture outside. You can even take some surveys, or give product reviews based on your experience, etc.

Claim the bonus, and start playing – if you lose, no worries since you did not spend any money. But if you win, you get a chance to keep at least $100 of your winnings, if not more! Online casinos work on any old Android device using a browser like Chrome.

6. Sell some stuff online

Depending on your situation, this can work in two different ways. If you have any DIY skills in making curios, jewelry or other interesting crafts, you can sell them online on apps like Etsy. Or else, the easier option would be to sell stuff that you own but do not use.

If you have a garage filled with old stuff, use apps like Decluttr to sell these online and make some cash. It is just like running a garage sale, but online and with more buyers. For owners of old books, Bookscouter is a specialized app that connects you with businesses that buy back books.

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