6 things to look for when choosing a sticker printing company

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Are you looking for a new supplier for your custom stickers or labels? Or maybe you're searching for what is possible and need some tips on what to look out for?

Either way, we're here to help you get the best possible custom labels and stickers the first time. We don't want you wasting money or time, only getting perfect results straight away.

So let's get stuck in straight away.

1. Choose a supplier that provides samples

If you're looking for a new supplier, or you have a new design you want printing as a sticker, you need to be sure it's right! You don't want to spend hundreds of pounds only to find something that isn't quite right.

This is where samples come in.

Go for a print company that provides a low-cost sampling process. It'll save you hours of heartache and lots of money. If you're not short on time, you can even try a few iterations as samples before you buy your bigger batch.

2. Make sure they can match your colours

All printing's done in CMYK (cyan, yellow, magenta & black), and the CMYK colour gamut isn't as wide as the RBG colour gamut. This means your laptop screen can create more colours than can be printed. 

This difference can cause problems, so you want to be sure to design in CMYK. 

Print suppliers have been combatting this problem by adding other colours to widen their gamut. Some printers have added; light cyan, light magenta, orange, green, and violet to their printers to better match your colour.

Make sure you choose a printer that has these advanced printers. If you have a super unique colour and want lots of stickers, you can also have a spot colour made for you – but this gets very expensive. Only go down this route if you have big budgets.

3. Ensure they meet your minimum order quantity

Some suppliers will not print in digital but with traditional flexo-presses. If you're looking for 5000 stickers or less, then choose a supplier who prints digitally. This will keep costs down and allow to you buy small quantities – less than 20 units in some cases.

4. Check their reviews

Custom printed products, such as stickers, can be a complex process to get right. Be sure to read customer reviews to see what others have to say about your chosen supplier. Not every review has to be perfect (otherwise, it's probably contrived), but they need to be generally very positive.

5. Do they have an easy ordering process?

Some companies can really over complicate the process and make it much harder than it needs to be. Choose a supplier with a simple, well-thought-through ordering process. This just makes your life easier, which is always welcome.

6. Make sure they deliver within your timeframe

This is the last point we mention but also very important. Custom printed stickers and labels can take time to manufacture, especially more complex stickers, such as clear stickers, as they require white to be printed.

Check your supplier can meet your deadline; otherwise, you'll guarantee disappointment. It would be a shame if they missed your key event because they were still being printed!

And there we have it – six things to look for when choosing a sticker printing company in the UK. We hope you've found this helpful. If you have any other questions, please comment below.

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