Drones can be helpful to businesses; here we’ve put together 6 great features and applications of drones that could help your business.

  • Cameras

Perhaps the most useful feature of a drone is the camera that so many of them incorporate. HD cameras mean you can take good quality aerial footage and photographs, which could have a range of benefits for your business, from checking on your latest business project to inspecting infrastructure such as power lines or for security and monitoring purposes.

Drones have proven useful in scientific research and academia too, especially given their capacity to observe natural phenomena that it’s difficult for a human to access or observe safely, such as volcanoes in action or a glacier. In addition, they can be used to record a research operation like an archaeological dig that is spread over a large site and which would be difficult to observe from a single camera at ground level.

Moreover, the footage taken could be used for marketing purposes. You could even simply take beautiful aerial photographs. However, with online videos proving so crucial to online traffic, footage from a drone could be a useful tool for promoting your business – show the idyllic situation of your holiday cottages or a wedding venue for instance.

  • Laser scanners

In addition to cameras, some drones incorporate laser scanners which when working in combination with sophisticated cameras, can be used for surveying and mapping purposes.  Such lasers could be utilised to help produce a map, drawing, take a measurement or build a 3-D model.

  • Measuring equipment

In addition to cameras and scanners, drones have been fitted with additional measuring equipment which has a range of uses for organisations. Drones have been used to measure the level of gases to aid search and rescue operations and to help determine if sites are safe for humans to enter. In essence, drones could be used to monitor the environment and to assist with conservation projects.

  • Carrying cargo

We’ve probably all seen the advert, but yes, drones potentially do have a useful business application in carrying lightweight cargo. Late last year Amazon conducted a limited trial in the UK of drone deliveries, completing their first successful delivery on 7th December 2016. Remember, however, if you are thinking of using drones in your business, you do need a licence to use them for commercial work, you can find out more on the civil aviation authority website.

  • ‘Air Mast’ technology

A number of companies including EE and BT have shown an interest in the use of drones to bring or restore internet services to remote areas. Research is ongoing into the use of drones to temporarily restore internet coverage in areas affected by natural disasters like flooding, war zones or areas that are simply difficult to reach. Here drones’ ability to travel and reach inaccessible areas quickly and to carry lightweight equipment is crucial.

  • Visual Sensors

Equipment fitted to drones has the potential be of great assistance to the agricultural industry, aside from the obvious use of taking footage of crops to help identify problems early, drones could be utilised in the future to spray crops and to assist with irrigation systems.

Benefits for your business

As you can see, drones have some fantastic benefits for business, and many commercial applications  – especially given their capacity to reach areas it’s either difficult or not safe for humans to do so. If you’re considering using drones in your business, it’s essential that you have appropriate training in their use and application; and that you abide by the conditions set out by the civil aviation authority. Harness the benefits of drones for your business.