Majority of us think that ‘my home is my castle’ and consider it as the place when they can finally relax, stop pretending and just be yourself. You dream of getting home from a long day at work, changing into something comfortable and fully enjoying the privacy of your little sanctuary where you want to feel safe and peaceful. But are you sure that your home actually is like a castle that cannot be conquered? How can you be sure what is going on there when you are at work or on vacations? Think of all the risks that it may be facing: theft, arson, flood and many more. Moreover, not only the building itself can be damaged, more importantly, your loved ones may be in danger as well. Your older parents having a heart attack or a stroke, teenage children experimenting with illegal substances or getting drunk or your partner fooling around in your bedroom… Your beloved castle may become a prison or a cage if you do not have control over it. We know how to become the master of your own destiny, stay in charge and be in control of your family and home – and we want to share with you the ways to do it discreetly!

A powerbank with more features than you would expect

Would an ordinary looking power bank sitting on a table draw your attention? Surely not, as this device is very common since we have so many mobile devices that we need to conveniently power up during the day. This Lawmate spy power bank is not only a fully functioning device for powering mobile devices but also an advanced spy camera with motion detection and a Wi-Fi module! Just place it in a room that you want to monitor and it activates itself when it detects motion. It features a live view so you can see in real time what your children are doing when they are back from school and have the possibility react in time. It is protected with a password so you can be sure that no one will get to it. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module, you can operate it remotely – all you need to do is download free software and your third eye will have its eye on anything you wish!

An iPhone charger that lets you be in charge

Who doesn’t love Apple gadgets?! We are more than sure that in every household there is at least one mobile phone with the well-known Apple logo on its back. So why not hide a camera in an iPhone docking station? Lawnmate manufacturer came with this brilliant idea and we are proud to present the extraordinary Wi-Fi hidden camera camouflaged in a docking station for iOS phones. Its main pluses are: recording footage in HD quality, unlimited operation time, remote access, global coverage of monitoring as well as the date and hour stamp. The last feature is extremely useful if you want to use the gathered material as proof in a court of law of e.g. a burglary.

Tiny yet powerful

If discretion is your priority we recommend this minuscule camera for home monitoring. It is so small that it stays hidden from sight and you do not have to worry it will be detected. Its lens diameter is only 1 mm but do not let its size deceive you as it is equipped with a 5 Mpix CMOS matrix that produces a very high quality and detailed image. It allows you to take photographs or record video clips and save the footage to exchangeable memory cards up to 32GB. This is the best solution for a secret home monitoring that not only affordable but also effective and user-friendly – satisfaction guaranteed!

A charger for pressing charges

Are you suspecting your partner of an affair and would like to see what they are about when you are not home? There is an inconspicuous device that could be left on your nightstand and record everything in your bedroom and help you clear or confirm your doubts concerning the loyalty of your other half.  We have already described a spy iPhone charger, but we also have something for users of mobile devices with USB chargers. A hidden camera Wi-Fi concealed in USB charger is perfect for this job. It produces excellent image quality both during the day and at night. Due to the unlimited working time you do not have to worry about replacing batteries. Its distinctive feature is the fact that it has three different recording modes allowing for: continuous operation, recording upon motion detection and scheduled recording, what enables you to customise the device according to your needs. It has a super small lens of only 2 mm what makes it practically unnoticeable plus it is still a fully functioning USB charger so there are zero chances that someone will discover its true purpose, isn’t that convenient?

A speaker that lets you hear more

The micro Wi-Fi camera hidden in a wireless speaker has all the functions needed for successful discreet monitoring. Fully camouflaged in an everyday object, available in affordable price, provides clear image during the day and also in low light or even at night. It is equipped with a sensitive microphone capable of capturing sounds at the distance of up to 10 m so it is perfect for larger rooms like a living room or garden. It lets you listen in remotely during a party that you could not attend or watch whether your babysitter is taking a good care of your children in the garden. Would you like to lend its digital ear?

Be like James Bond

The last product that we would like to introduce to you is a truly innovative, James Bond-style spying device that you would not suspect to actually exist – a secret hidden camera concealed in a bottle of water! This is an ideal solution for a mobile spying device that you can take with you regardless the occasion or location as a water bottle is allowed in virtually any situation and lately it has become a healthy gadget of the eco-friendly lifestyle. So you can put it in every place inside our outside your house or have it with you and use whenever needed. Its price is very attractive and, due to its very wide angle of view of 140°, you are able to capture more of the surroundings. In order to watch the footage, simply plug it into an external device or use a card reader as it is equipped with a memory card. What is important, its primary function is retained – you can still drink water straight out of it!

As the old saying goes – better to be safe than sorry. Nowadays there are so many threats lurking in the dark, not only to our homes and possessions but also family and people we care about. If you want to feel safe in your castle, you definitely should invest in an innovative, discreet and user-friendly device that is easy on the pocket and helps you protect your household.