6 Fitness Apps to Keep you Healthy and Strong

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Fitness! We all want it, but few of us actually have it. The fact is that the fitter we are, the healthier we are, and so it makes sense to get in shape as soon as possible. Our lives, however, are often packed with work, family, and other things that stop us from spending twenty minutes or so getting fit.

Let’s try to change that by using technology and getting in shape for the summer.

Finding Focus

Fitness is about mindset as well as your physical ability. If you have the right mindset, you can achieve great things and see real tangible benefits. It is also important to incorporate recovery into your fitness plans to allow your body time to heal. 

You may want to indulge one of your passions on your rest days, whether that be cooking or playing Monopoly Casino, to exercise your grey matter.


Strava is an excellent app for runners and cyclists. You can track your training route and get helpful information such as distance travelled and average speed. One of the great things about the app is that you can make segments and see how fast others have ran and rode them. It is a great app for tracking performance and is available in free and premium versions.

Fitness Buddy

With fitness plans for the home and gym, together with personalised meal plans, Fitness Buddy is effectively a virtual personal trainer. The exercises feature instructional videos, and as you can choose workouts depending on your fitness level, there is a progressive element to the app, making it suitable for beginners to advanced atheltes.

Home Workout

Not everyone likes working out in a gym. You might feel self-conscious, or you may want to do workouts without using equipment. As such, Home Workout could be for you. When integrated with the Apple Health app, you can see animated exercises designed to build muscle or lose weight showing you exactly what to do. You can track progress over time which is always a good morale boost.

10K Runner

Running 10K is a goal for most runners, and this app guides you through training programmes designed to help you hit this goal within 14 weeks. Beginners start at 0 kilometres and increase to five within eight weeks. From this point, the foundation is laid for you to reach 10k in a further six weeks. 

The app provides audio guidance and alternates run/walk intervals.

JEFIT Workout Planner

The idea behind JEFIT Workout Planner is to provide an encyclopedia of exercise. You can put together your own workout and fitness plan specific to your goals and track progress. The app contains a database of exercises for inspiration, and for each exercise, you can track times, weight, reps, etc, as necessary.

Map My Run

Map My Run is a little like Strava in that it maps your run and provides route suggestions. However, it is not limited to running as other sports such as cycling, walking, and the like are included. The app also facilitates other activities such as yoga, gym workouts, and cross-training.

It is an in-depth app with cool features such as Gear Tracker that tracks the mileage on a specific pair of running shoes.

With apps like these, getting fit will be easy.

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