6 Cool Gadget Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Are you seeking an unusual gift for Father’s Day or simply a little something for the guy (or gal) who has everything? There’s a wealth of cool new gadgets out there that can make life easier and bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face. Here are six ideas to serve as inspiration.

  1. Smartphone projector

A gift idea that’s at once retro-chic and futuristic, a smartphone projector is a cool gift that allows you to share your home videos by plugging in your phone. Your guest will be able to invite friends over and project holiday snaps or family videos, and the projector’s cool look fits in well with any vintage-inspired decorating scheme.

  1. Self-stirring mug

A simple yet genius idea, the self-stirring mug is a must-have for office mates or anyone who enjoys a cup of tea. It is a clever way to get over the common annoyance of having to stir and re-stir your coffee or tea. The mug simply does it on its own!

  1. Quirky cameras

From Fish Eye to Polaroid, there’s a wide range of cool camera gadgets out there on sites like gifts.co.uk. These come in a range of different price ranges and styles, so you are bound to find something within your budget. You could opt to give a Pop Art Camera, which captures bright coloured images a la Andy Warhol. The Polaroid Snap camera is another fun little camera, which lets you print your photos in a small, 2×3 inch size.

  1. Pendant activity tracker

Fitbits are still all the rage, but even the sleekest bands can look bulky and obvious. There are other activity trackers on the market that look more like regular jewellery, such as the Bellabeat Leaf. This pendant-shaped tracker counts steps and regulates body function for a fitter, more stylish you.

  1. Smart shower accessories

There are so many smart shower gadgets on the market now that they really deserve their own category completely. Although you can splash out on a fully automated bathroom, complete with remote temperature controls and heating sensors, there are some smaller gadgets that are ideal for gift-giving. Gadgets like the Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker let you connect wirelessly to smartphones and MP3 players to keep you entertained.

  1. Clever iPhone chargers

Another great gift for a co-worker or anyone who travels a lot are decorative iPhone chargers. These may take the shape of a gravity-defying sculpture like the Bobine, or you can opt for a range of different colours from vendors like Belkin.

Use these gadgets as a jumping-off point to find the perfect fit for your next party!

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