5 ways to make your home smarter

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Technology is already quite advanced, and your home probably contains a couple of useful items to make your life easier. But did you know there are more products to manage your home? These tools and equipment turn your house in what they call a Smart Home. You can use a remote or your Smartphone to make the climate, lights and other aspects of your home. Some of these things enable you to manage your home security from a distance. But maybe you don’t even know these things exist. Therefore, we would like to present an overview to tell you what the options are. Maybe you come across some technology that you would like to install in your home.

Smoke Detection

Few things are scarier than a fire burning down your house and all your belongings and precious keepsakes. Often, a fire can be contained if it’s detected in time. Fortunately, there are smoke detectors that can warn you. These detectors can detect smoke and CO. That way, a fire will be noticed in time to do something about it or at least get out of the house. Some of these detectors even give you a notification by phone. That means your phone will receive a warning if the detector detects anything suspicious.

Motion Sensors

If you’re more or equally worried about trespassers and burglars, you could install a motion sensor. That way, no one will be able to enter your property unnoticed. Some of them send you a security alert if they notice any suspicious activity (or any activity at all). That way you can sleep or leave your house without worrying about people trying to break in when you’re not looking.

CCTV Security Cameras

If a sensor is not enough for you, you can install some CCTV security on your property. You install the camera outside and will be able to check the camera footage on your laptop or computer. There are even wireless WiFi cameras that cooperate with your Smartphone, laptop or tablet. That way, you will be able to take a look at your home no matter where you are.

Smart Baby Monitors

Likewise, a baby monitor will give you the opportunity to keep an eye on your baby. The time has passed that we had to rely on sound alone. Nowadays, there are camera monitors that not only enable you to hear your baby but also to see him or her.

Smart Heating

No one likes to come home to a cold house and wait for the heating to warm up your house. If you hate that as much as we do, you can install smart heating solutions. With such a smart heating system, you can take your Smartphone and order the heating to heat up. Then, you drive home and the house will be nice and warm by the time you arrive.

Smart Lights & Blinds Control

You’re at work, and the weather has become hot. You still have a lot of work to do and already know your house will be a greenhouse by the time you get home. With a smart blinds control, you can, by means of your Smartphone, order your blinds to close. In the same way, you can also control your lights from a distance

How do these solutions sound to you? No need to get off your comfortable couch or leave work early. You can do it with a few clicks of a button, especially since most of these products come with a remote control. So where can you get them? One shop that sells them is 50Five Home Automaton, but there are a lot of electrical shops and technology companies that sell these kinds of solutions. Have you ever encountered one of them, please leave a review and tell what you think of them?

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