5 Trends In Tech Packaging For 2021

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Packaging has become a major element of marketing, as well as a user’s experience of a new product. Receiving a parcel that’s engaging to open and nice to look at adds a lot of excitement and enjoyability. Technology has allowed packaging to raise the bar and make the process of receiving mail unique and entertaining. 

As technology advances more, it’s likely for packaging to undergo even more changes in the future. For this year, here are five trends in tech packaging:  

  1. More Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly and more sustainable packaging is becoming more popular to combat the excessive amount of waste produced by deliveries. Some examples of these are when the packaging is:

  • Recycled
  • Reusable
  • Compostable 

Current technologies have made it easier to create these types of packaging and reduce the amount of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. More packaging companies, such as www.packagingworld.co.uk, are producing these and doing really great things for the environment by cutting down excess waste.

To take it one step further, there’s even dissolvable packaging made from natural and nontoxic recourses like wheat and corn starch. When it’s touched by water, it starts to dissolve until there isn’t anything left—meaning there isn’t any waste. 

  1. Smart Packaging

Technology has led to packaging to be upgraded from a simple, plain box to having eye-catching visuals, and even authentication and security. When smart packaging is used, only the person to whom the package is addressed will be able to open it and see what’s inside. This could stop people from stealing someone else’s mail, thus ensuring that the receiver gets it. Companies are able to track consumers’ behaviors and alter the packaging experience to their preferences. If they didn’t like the graphics on the box and found it bland, the company would be able to make it more exciting next time to create a better user experience. This way, companies could ensure that the consumer will enjoy the packaging just as much the products they’ve bought.

  1. Combining Nanotechnology and Deliveries

Nanotechnology is advancing packaging and making it more secure. Like smart packaging, this technology makes it harder for people to steal someone else’s mail, while also making it easier to track. When someone’s card or smart device is swiped on the package, they’ll have access to key information about what’s being delivered and where to. Companies and postmen who deal with these packages will be able to deliver them more quickly and know that they’ve been delivered to the right address. This will allow them to give a more accurate date of arrival for every parcel. 

In addition to this, the development of bio-nano composites, a form of nanotechnology, will make packaging more sustainable, which are likely to replace petroleum-based plastic that’s non-biodegradable. 

  1. Use of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or what’s more commonly known as 3D printing, is changing the packaging game, and is likely to completely revolutionize it in the future. Products would be printed to order, meaning they’ll only be created when someone has already bought it. Furthermore, there’ll be less packages being shipped overseas because they’ll be printed in the country or region that it’s been bought from. The company will simply send the design of the product to a printer close to the customer and the product will be printed. Packaging won’t need to be designed for long-term travel, but only a short drive. Another bonus is that it’s more sustainable as less carbon emissions will be produced because the courier won’t need to travel as far. 

  1. Inclusion of Printed Electronics

It used to be that when a parcel was opened, a card would greet the recipient with any information they needed to know. However, this has been upgraded to include a small screen with speakers that can play videos, which are often triggered when the package is opened to engage the customer straight away. Some things that may be played are:

  • A trailer for the product
  • How the product can benefit the customer
  • Where to find more information
  • A demonstration of how to use the product

These features can make the package very easy to share online. For instance, influencers who post a recording of themselves opening the package on their Instagram Story are likely to persuade their followers to buy the product, too.

Summing Up

Technology has created a lot of unique and engaging trends in packaging. Making parcels recyclable and from bio-degradable materials cuts down on waste, and makes the customer feel as though they’re contributing to eco-friendly activities. The use of additive manufacturing, printed electronics and nanotechnology with deliveries means packages are more exciting, sustainable, and trackable. Additionally, smart packaging also makes it more secure. 

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