5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Commerce Strategy

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Online business today cannot be imagined without mobile users. The Pew Research Center conducted a study to find out data on the popularity of smartphones in the world. Thus, 59% of the surveyed adults in the world use smartphones. Therefore, businesses need to use certain strategies to increase sales and engagement. Here are some ways to help you do this.

Make the First Screens Clear and Short

Make a maximum of three scrolls of the screen. There should be a greeting, a clear and understandable description, and an answer to the question of why the client needs you. You can also add a call to action.

Try to avoid creating eight to ten pages. The person will flip through them. In the hope of finding out what you do and what you have to offer, clients will get bored. Most likely, they will close the site and leave. To avoid this, turn to e-commerce mobile app development specialists.

Personalize Your Landing Page

Personalization is about creating messages for specific people, not for the group to which they belong. You should personalize your landing page. This increases user engagement and interest in your product.

To do this, you need to use the data that you collected during registration or public/private APIs. This step will help set up communication with new users in the application. According to various studies, personalization increases conversions by 27% when compared to regular messages.

Optimize Content for Micro-Moments

People are increasingly trying to solve urgent tasks or get instant advice using their smartphones. Clients dislike in-depth researches on a topic or problem. They will simply take immediate action. Everyone prefers to wait for instant answers rather than have lengthy consultations.

Here’s a specific example. Let's say a person writes a request: “What to take for a toothache?” Of course, they need an answer right here and now. In such a situation, the client will not look at various charts or watch long videos.

Google calls these “micro-moments.” The company has identified four types of them. Business owners and marketers should know these four micro-movements types:

  1. I want to know. For example, “What is the capital of Australia?”
  2. I want to go. For example, “Where is the nearest cinema?”
  3. I want to get busy. For example, “How to cook pasta?”
  4. I want to buy. For example, “Buy Playstation 4”

To optimize these points, business owners need to think in advance about what their customers may need. Then, create content that meets their needs. After that, the content should be available in instant search. It will look like small pieces. Micro-movements will help people quickly and easily find answers to questions and use them.

Use QR Codes to Simplify User Experience

You can quickly provide users with up-to-date information using QR codes. Most often, consumers use QR codes to compare purchases. For example, Harris conducted a survey on this topic. According to it, 24% of respondents said they use a smartphone to scan QR codes for products. This helps them compare the cost of it offline and online.

Ideally, use QR codes so that they act as shortcuts. Conveying valuable information, they help direct customers and potential customers. QRs should lead not to your page, but specifically to the target product page.

Add QR codes to the box with the product. Thus, a person will be able to leave a review about it or read the instructions for using it.

Use Hyperlocal Marketing

With the help of smartphones, people often search for information that relates to their location. This is a search based on specific geographic locations. For example, streets or surroundings.

How to use hyperlocal marketing:

1. Show ads near your store/office. You can do this via Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook.

2. Publish ads with local bloggers. Local influencers, even with 5-10k subscribers, can give a noticeable increase in recognition and sales.

3. Submit to local marketplaces and directories.

With hyper-local marketing, you increase your sales. Besides, you will build a brand reputation for yourself in a specific community.

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