5 Simple Ways to Track Someone’s Phone Location in 2020

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Tracking someone’s phone location is a piece of cake. How? Well, there are apps with the technological acumen of letting you know where your cared ones are.

A lot depends on your cell phone location tracking strategy. You can go conventionally on following people around, raising suspicions, or you can use the perfect set up that some tracking software like Spyine provides.

You would be surprised at how simple and convenient it is to track someone’s phone location. Some apps have really turned out to be best tracking gems. Therefore, we bring to you the 5 best cheating apps and most effective ways to track someone’s phone location.


Spyine provides remote access and tracking abilities to see someone’s phone location. The app boasts of a million followers in over 190 countries and counting. The loyal fan base swears by the superb features and facilities provided by Spyine.

Further, critics like Mashable, BBC, Tech Times and Reader’s Digest also speak highly of the App. Spyine’s simplicity is attractive and adaptive. You don’t need to have any expertises in tracking. With minimum effort, you can be a pro at tracking.

Spyine does not seek any un-required jailbreak or rooting. In fact, even the bare minimum details of the user are sought. The privacy is so stringent that even Spyine’s own employees don’t have access to the user's vital details.

In addition to tracking the location of someone’s phone, you can get a lot of information. Below are some key features of Spyine that makes it a better tracking app than every other app:

Steal Mode

When trying to track someone, you would want to retain this fact as a secret. Your secret is well protected with Spyine.

The web based app has a stealth mode that ensures utmost anonymity to its users. At no cost, your tracking will ever be discovered.

With other popular apps when you tend to track someone’s location, the user gets a security notification. But, not with Spyine. You can be at peace and track in an invisible and undiscoverable mode.

No Jailbreak/Rooting Requirement

Jailbreaking or rooting is necessitated in all major spy apps. With Spyine, you don’t have to indulge in any unnecessary activity. Spyine keeps requirements as minimal as possible. With lesser jailbreaks, the risk of being identified is almost minimal.

Spyine curves a lot of such key loopholes that pose as risk in front of the users. It can definitely be surmised that there is a lot you can accomplish with Spyine with minimum linkages, rooting, etc.


In addition to  helping its users to track someone’s phone location, Spyine also provides direct access into someone’s messages, social media, keystrokes made, etc.

GPS Tracker

With cell phones being inseparable from people, it is possible to keep tabs on people all the time. The GPS enablement ensures that you can garner access to the location of someone.

From their check-ins to where they actually are, you can see the truth as it is. You would know if someone is lying to you about their location and you would know this real time.

Spyine is a complete package of a fabulous tracking web-app. It ensures maximum details. The interface is also immensely friendly and it takes only a demo to sign up for Spyine’s patronage


Neatspy is also a tracking platform that empowers its users to identify the location of someone. Users can get the required information absolutely remotely. It also has a cool interface that is easy to get hand on.

Neatspy provides a neat and hassle free platform to engage in tracking and viewing someone’s whereabouts. It poses a tough competition to leading spyware brands and has a fanbase of its own.


ClickFree too is a good platform for accessing someone’s location without them knowing. When it comes to accessing information, it provides a nice interface which is immensely user friendly. The app is growing its fan base day by day.

It is also a web based app that leaves lesser trails and has a stealth mode. The identity and interests of the users stay protected.


When it comes to tracking someone’s phone location, Minspy turns out to be a reliable and secure solution. The app allows access to someone’s GPS location, key strokes, social media exchanges and every popular spy feature.

The promptness of Minspy’s services makes it a great tracking alternative. It also has a stealth mode that protects the identity of the users. Minspy allows efficiency of time and information.


Spyic is a cosmopolitan option in the tracking industry. Spyic is trustworthy and already has a good fan base. When looking for tracking in anonymity, going for a trusted brand like Spyic comes naturally. 

With an active customer support and services at par, Spyic manages to be in the list of the top 5 tracking apps. It provides reliable tracking solutions with a decent interface.


All your cell phone location tracking strategy requires is a boost. The conventional modes of tracking someone’s location are all gone. They are replaced by better and self reliant ways of ensuring that all information you seek.

There might be other players, but Spyine has proven to be a leader for this reason. A strong fan base, stronger interface and strongest features all make Spyine the spine of spyware. With Spyine, tracking might become the easiest thing you could do.

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