5 Important Things To Know Before You Switch Carriers

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Making a switch from one carrier to another is not an easy decision to take. No matter how many dissatisfied you are with your cellular service providers it is natural to be skeptical before making a switch to a new cellular network. However, with modern multi-network devices and flexible cellular network contracts, it has become much easier to switch between carriers. In fact, switching carriers is more incentivizing now as there are plenty of deals, discounts, and plans on offer.

However, before making the switch you must know a few very important things well in advance to get yourself prepared for the switch. Here are 5 vital things to know before you switch carriers:

Consider the network performance

Even if your carrier is giving you low price offers, amazing customer support, or awesome handsets, nothing will work if you don't get the required coverage at the time of need. Hence, it is important to consider the coverage offered by the new carrier that you are intending to opt for. Before checking the network performance, at first, decide whether you want extended coverage even when you are on the go or simply want to get good coverage in your area.

To know the coverage limit you can check the official coverage map of the carrier. Even though the maps may not be accurate at times, they will give you a fair idea of how much coverage you can expect to get in your area. Also, ensure to check both data and voice coverage before getting a new carrier.

Ensure that your phone is completely paid off

In case you want to bring a phone along with your new carrier makes sure that the phone is completely paid off. Since carriers usually don't accept phones which have unpaid balances on them from any other carrier, be prepared that you may have to pay off your old phone prior to the switch. To check out whether you have any pending balances or not, look up to your existing carrier's dashboard or give a call to the customer support of the company to get the required information.

Check the compatibility of your device

If your device doesn’t work with the new carrier, then all your effort will go in vain. Hence, if you are not planning to buy a new device, check the compatibility of your existing device on the new network before switching to the intended carrier. Though many people just check the compatibility by running a device, check on the website of the carrier, this is actually not enough to know the compatibility of the network with your device. In order to avoid frustrations in the future, it will be better to check how many frequencies and bands your device has compatibility with prior to the switch.

SIM unlocking might be required

In order to use your device on a new carrier, you will probably have to SIM unlock your iPad or phone. SIM unlocking means lifting the restriction that some of the phone carriers incorporate to refrain the user from using the device on any other carrier. However, there are a certain phone or iPad models which come unlocked by default and are specifically designed to use on any GSM network without any restriction. If you are using any such models they no SIM unlocking will be required.

Don’t be worried about losing the existing number

People are often worried about losing their number while making a switch to a new carrier. However, the fact is, you needn't worry about it as the number can be retained even after the switch. Moreover, most of the carriers permit the users to add numbers to an account. This means you can have a personal as well as a business number on a single device.

So, if you have made your mind to switch to a new carrier in order to enjoy the benefits of the big deals for your new phones or iPads, shop around and take a smart decision. Though you will come across a lot of carriers with great switching incentives, including discounted or free phones, attractive deals, lucrative plans, and a number of add-ons, you should first compare the plans and then decide on the most profitable one.

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