5 Future Prediction for Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Gaming Industry

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The future of the gaming industry is the implementation of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) to become an industry standard with top companies Norwegian companies like Paleblue, Stargate media bridging the gap between this technology and humans. It will continue to be the centre of innovation as far as the gaming industry is concerned. It is said that virtual reality and augmented reality technology is the future of online gaming.

Harnessing the concept of virtual reality in a casino would mean that with wearable gadgets, one would have a feeling as if he/she is in a live casino playing his favorite casino game. This is what the concept of virtual and augmented reality has brought to the gaming industry. Alexander Nereng, our guest author for this post informs us on the future prediction that virtual and augmented reality will bring into the gaming industry. You can view her profile here.

Augmented reality in casinos is also added a digital representation and data of supplement views of the real world giving a user outstanding games. The use of smartphones, 3D tracking and geo-location has brought much more innovation. AR core has also been used to change user’s views with animated 3D content, although a major issue that AR gaming applications encounter is the speed and efficiency of data usage.

AR apps require data to be efficient to ensure decision making is proficient without lag. The advent of 5G network if finally adopted and embraced would bring in far better flow without lag with better images and more app efficiency. Let us look at the future predictions AR/VR will bring to the gaming industry.

  1. Better consoles will be produced: The incorporation of augmented reality in game development is bringing new opportunities for developers to provide technological solutions to gamers. There is an enhanced vision and imaging displays to improve the ultimate gaming experience for users.
  2. A change in gaming environment: Players would have more control and interaction in their VR surroundings. The anticipation is that with the mere strapping of a headset for a visual encounter. It would also incorporate other human senses for more immersive experiences.
  3. Expanded content: The advent of VR/AR technology has boosted the creation of gaming content. Different gamers like shooters, adventure have changed because of VR. The statistics have increased with people becoming more interested in VR racing games as well as adventure games.
  4. Continuous rapid gaming growth: VR/AR is bridging the gap between users and game developers. These technologies are now being adopted to provide users with the ultimate gaming experience. This has also made games more addictive and thereby developers keep in ensuring that they satisfy gamer’s demands by enhancing their skills. Continuous growth will be a part of this industry in the years to come.
  5. Traditional Gaming is slowly being replaced: Just as online casinos like Norway bettingsider came in and are becoming more popular than land based casinos especially during the global lockdown that happened as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. So are the endless possibilities and numerous benefits provided by Augmented reality slowly revolutionizing the gaming industry and replacing the traditional gaming systems like Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox. The special 3D programs allow users to play level up animation with enhanced gaming experience.


At the end, we would wonder whether AR and VR are here to stay?. The answer will lie on the continuous evolution of this technology. As they are readily available and used in everyday life, the more popularity and investment the technology will attract. 

In the world of online gambling we expect AR/VR to accelerate the convergence of gaming and gambling and also bring about the broadening of the demographics of people enjoying online slots.

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