There’s been a lot of talk about how the homes of the future are going to be, and a lot of predictions too. But the fact of the matter is that there are already a huge number of products and gadgets that simply would not have been conceivable just a few years ago. They cover all aspects of domestic life from home security to hygiene – and here are five of the best of them.

The doorbell that recognizes you

We’ve all become used to doorbells that have built-in video systems so we can see who’s ringing at the door. But now AI technology is taking things a little further with one that can actually recognise individual faces. In fact, the latest versions can be programmed to recognize up to 16 different faces. Then, via an app, they will let the homeowner know if the visitor is one of the “known” faces or someone not stored on the database. Naturally, it will also record all video data and store it in the Cloud.

The total home security system

Gone are the days of having ugly white boxes on the side of your home. The modern security systems are discreet and can not only detect intruders, some can even spot water leaks and the risk of burst pipes. They can be expensive though – so, if you’re planning to install one in a new home, using an online mortgage comparison site to find a loan that’s going to save you money would be a good way of offsetting the cost of protecting what will be your most expensive asset of all.

Lighting in any colour you like

Soft-tone lightbulbs have existed for some time now, but a new breakthrough from lighting giant Philips means that you can have any colour you like from warm white to virtually any other hue under the spectrum, again all controlled by an app and even your voice. It’s the perfect way to create a different ambience whether you’re having a party or just enjoying a quiet night in watching movies.

5 Essential Gadgets for the 21st Century Home 1

The intelligent thermostat

Energy efficiency has never been more important. But, fortunately, controlling our home heating has never been easier. The latest generation of web-enabled thermostats can not only be remotely controlled, they can also “learn” typical usage and occupancy patterns in a home and adjust themselves automatically. That means a home that’s always at the right temperature – not to mention lower energy bills too!

The robot vacuum cleaner

5 Essential Gadgets for the 21st Century Home 2

Anyone who’s ever wished they could come home to a beautifully vacuumed home will really appreciate this device. While you’re out at work it can be programmed to tour a floor of your home automatically, cleaning as it goes. Most can operate for at least an hour without the need to recharge, so it’s not just a question of cleaning a single room.

So, start planning now how you’re going to make your life easier – as well as how to spend all that time you’re certain to save thanks to gadgets like these!

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