The 4 Tech Repair Myths That WON’T Fix Your Gadgets

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  1. Draining & recharging your phone can revive dead batteries

Let’s get one thing straight from the off – the Lithium Ion batteries found in everything from smartphones to handheld games consoles don’t have any kind of fabled ‘battery memory’. A good practice which has now become a redundant and potentially damaging myth is to ensure a battery has drained down to 0% before charging it back up all the way to 100%.

The myth states that not doing this will cause the battery to ‘remember’ the shorter charging cycle and reduce battery life.

Older electronic products may have used NiMH or NiCd batteries which did have a memory – but Lithium Ion batteries don’t. This means if you need to top your phone up with juice for a few minutes, you won’t harm the battery. In fact, Apple actively advises against it – you might damage your battery

If your battery is well and truly dead, and isn’t holding any kind of charge, there’s not too much you can do – especially thanks to most phone and tablet manufacturers locking the battery in behind a sealed back. Plenty of repair companies, like UK-based Fone Angels, can help with battery replacements due to lack of charge or even water damage.

  1. ‘Repair’ programs can get rid of dead pixels

Before you all rush to the comments to argue the irrefutable benefits of programs, sites and videos which get pixels working again, we’re talking about full on DEAD pixels. Most of the time, when people find a ‘dead’ pixel, it’s just stuck on one particular colour – and these programs and videos can give these stuck pixels a kick-start.

If you are suffering with a few annoying stuck pixels, then there are plenty of videos (such as the 4K-res one above) to help get the colours flowing again. If the pixels are dead, however, you’re out of luck. Methods like messaging the screen are contentious at best – your best bet is to either return your monitor/TV/phone or simply get used to it. Sorry!

  1. Freezing dead hard drives can recover data


It sounds mad, but it’s a surprisingly common ‘fix’ touted online for recovering data from dead hard drives – allowing them to boot up one last time so you can recover all that invaluable data you’ve accumulated. There are loads of reasons cited, from contracting platters back into shape to cooling overheated components.

The reality isn’t as simple – in short, it’s not worth the risk. At least not according to Seagate data recovery expert Jesse Jones, who points out the risks of condensation from cooled air settling on platters and components, leading to corrosion and almost no chance of recovery.

  1. Blowing into retro game cartridges helps them boot

From Mega Drive owners to N64 fanatics, we’ve all done it – a cartridge-based game either refuses to boot or crashes so we pull it out and give it a good blow. It gets rid of the dust and helps it boot, right? WRONG!

The moisture in your breath and potential stray saliva can actually corrode the metal contact pins; it’s not dust that’s the issue, it’s the contact pins not aligning with the cartridge slot properly. What worked in this ‘myth’ was simply removing and reinserting the cartridge, with no blowing required!

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