Back in 2011 Facebook allowed users to follow the public posts of people they had no connection with, a service which was extended the year after to include news feed stories and ‘pages’. In most cases, people choose to follow either celebrities, brands or businesses, which has made appealing to and securing a healthy following quite crucial in the commercial marketplace.

Facebook is an extremely strong contender in the search engine field too, and it’s not unusual or brands to report the majority of their traffic generated online is generated through the site; but featuring in the top results of a Facebook search is no easier than it would be on Google – which is why boosting your business page reach so it is recognized as worthy of being featured on a search is so important.

Every week the number of content pieces posted on the platform overall grows, and organic reach for most users declines a little, which is why you need excellent strategies to grow the number of followers you have, and here we run through four things to try to do that.

Strategy 1 – Forget grabbing random ‘page likes’ and become an authority

A growing number of likes may feel comforting but what matters is that those following actually do engage. Tailoring the content to your specific target demographics provides value and bolsters your credibility, leading to more natural shares and exposure to more genuine potential fans.

Strategy 2 – Manage your campaigns to increase likes very carefully

Avoid attracting random people who will never benefit your page or business by targeting those already in the loop. For example, people who like a shared post of yours may respond well to an invite to like your page, so send the one! (You can find out who they are by using your insights data). Asking your ideal active subscribers to invite like-minded friends to like the page is another good strategy as people tend to be friends with similar people to themselves.

An easier way to build this is to buy follower, however it must be done carefully. There are a few risks associated that you must be aware of before doing so. If you want to learn more this post from Social Media Daily.

Strategy 3 – Cross-promote your content

If you’ve built a sizable following elsewhere, you can use your fans on those platforms to grow your Facebook page. After all, you already know they like what you do so there’s every reason they will like your Facebook page and actually interact with you there – which is always a real good thing. You can do this by creating clear links between your Facebook page and both your bio and posted content on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, or add a clickable link on your photographs.

Strategy 4 – Publish a mixture of news and evergreen content

Of course, you need to keep your page relevant and respond to contemporary topics which are relevant, but if the majority of your Facebook content is useful for the long term it will have a much longer shelf life, and be shared over and over as it resurfaces down the line.