4 Reasons Why We Love Smartphones

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A large amount of the world’s population now owns a cellphone. A majority of them are smartphones. They can do so much, and a lot of people can’t wait to buy the latest model. They can cost us an arm and a leg, but we still shell out the cash every time a new one hits the market, which seems to be every week these days. 

So, why do we love them so much? We took a closer look to see what the reasons are as to why we are so addicted to our favorite pocket-sized gadget. 

We Can Keep up on Events Around the Globe

There’s something nice about holding a physical newspaper in your hands on the way to work, but not many of us do it anymore. It’s so easy to download your newspaper of choice as an app and get every bit of breaking news sent straight to your phone. 

Knowing what’s going on around the world has never been easier, and if you’re a fan of the latest news, your smartphone is the best place to be kept in the loop. 

Keep in Touch With Old Friends

Do you remember the old website ‘Friends Reunited’? That’s right. The one where they would get you back in contact with your old school and college mates. Well, there’s not any need with it anymore now we have social media. 

Logging into Facebook and searching for everyone that used to be in your class will probably help you find most of them with ease. How many people do you see scrolling through their social media feed on the way to work? We bet they don’t even speak to over half of their contacts. 

Speak to Family on the Other Side of the World

Every year, more people are moving to live abroad. It’s lovely how the world has become so much easier to navigate, but it doesn’t mean we don’t miss our family and friends dearly back home. 

From your smartphone, now it’s straightforward to call anyone, any time, and while you look at each other over video, too. People used to spend a hefty sum of money on phone cards to call relatives overseas, but now with a wifi connection, you can do it all for free from your phone. 

All the Apps and Games

One of many people’s favorite past times is playing games on their smartphones. Whether it be a daily crossword, creating an imaginary world, or fighting in a war, there’s something for everyone. It’s now easy to find a website to create your own game too!

There’s also a whole host of apps available for almost anything. You can manage your bank accounts, chat with friends, and practice your photo editing skills. 

The World at Our Fingertips

We can do everything we want now from our phones. Whether it be keeping up with world news, connecting with old friends, chatting with family, or playing games, it’s hard to be bored with such a trusty little gadget in our pockets to keep us occupied. Our love for smartphones doesn’t look like it will end any time soon. 

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