4 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Website Interactive

In today’s digital world, content marketing has become incredibly famous. You should make your site more interesting and interactive with your target audience. Being interactive offers various ways to deliver content of your website. An interactive site allows users to have a personalized experience. It increases user engagement and generates more traffic to your website. Interactive content is a crucial marketing tool; it can furnish you with details about your target audience.

This article will give you tactics that will make your content more interactive and drive traffic to your website.

How to Make Your site More Interactive

Below are simple tactics to get interaction from your audience:

-Embed Search, Test or Report Functions

You need to embed some search, reporting or test function within your content. It could act as a compliment or an exercise to the subject at hand. For instance, if you are writing about buying second-hand cars, you can add a tool that could allow buyers to run a car history report or advertising internet services, you can include a tool that will help users to test your internet speeds.

-Provide a Calculator

This is particularly ideal for businesses that offer custom work or projects. For instance, if you are writing about mortgages or investment, you can provide calculators to help your audience decide how much they need to save every month to achieve their financial goals. You can also use a calculator to explain some concepts like illustrating the percentage of income we lose each day due to traffic congestion.

-Conduct a Survey or Quiz

Surveys and quizzes are forms of interactive content that are unique in their own right. You have no doubt come across the numerous quizzes that are posted on Facebook each day. But you can make your quizzes to be more professional like “How often should you upgrade your windows?” You can also craft survey questions requesting users to disagree or agree with your views on a certain topic. There are various responsive forms available online that can help you develop appropriate questions for your audience.

-Host Contest

Starting a competition does not give you an opportunity to create more content because you will concentrate more on explaining the rules of the contest and answering questions from your audience. Contests are the most interactive forms of marketing because users will be required to make submissions. Your audience will give you suggestions that will help you develop content.

Therefore, you can put your content in a bracket-style, such as requesting your audience to state their preferences or demographics, to funnel them to different final results. This adds a layer of unpredictability and variability to your content. You need to include more clickable baits in your content. Ideally, any clickable bait in your content will increase your interaction with your audience, when writing content, always aim to include as many clickable options as possible or link it to another authority site in the industry. This article has provided information that will make your website more interactive and generate high traffic hence more sales.

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