Sports is a huge part of the world today. It brings people together regardless of race, religion, age, financial status, political beliefs, and any such differences. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. A 2018 report by Deloitte Consulting estimated that the European football industry is worth about £21.9 billion, with the English Premier League leading the way.

As a result of the fame and money involved in the industry, many people who aspire to become footballers and coaches, while others aspire to become agents or intermediaries. You can now take online courses via e-Careers to kick-off your career in the football industry. Here is a list of some courses every aspiring football agent should take.

1. Football Intermediary Certificate

This football agent course is designed to teach an agent how to conduct club transfers, negotiate contracts, manage finances, build relationships, a source for sponsorships, and all the basics of the industry. A footballer’s agent is responsible for all these, so the player can focus on what matters – playing football. Many football players have little to no education. As a result, they rely on their agent to take care of the things they can’t. This includes marketing their football skills and making them commercial. A good agent can create a strong network of contacts and become very influential in the industry along the way. The football intermediary certificate course will provide the foundation for your career.

2. Communication, Managing People, Behaviour, and Conflicts

Since the job of the agent involves dealing with many people, there is a need to learn how to communicate effectively and deal with people, including those with hostile behaviours. Working with others can be very challenging, especially if there is a lot of misunderstanding. However, if you can bring people to work together and achieve a common goal, it will be rewarding for both you as an agent and your client.

3. Personal Finance

Mismanagement of personal finance and budgeting have ruined many professional players over the years. As an agent, you will be at an advantage if you learn this management skill to help your client. Footballers make millions annually and spend recklessly. Their recklessness could be as a result of their limited education. However the agent must keep a handle on the lifestyle of the player. In this course, you will learn how to manage money, healthy spending habits, finance a home, saving and investing for the future, personal insurances, and taxes. All of which are important to abiding by the law and keeping the player focused on playing.

4. Stress Awareness & Management

Many athletes suffer from stress, anxiety, and other mental challenges. Some of these stresses are transferred onto the agent and vice-versa. As a good agent, you should learn to be self-aware. The football industry is very demanding. This course will teach you how to handle events beyond your control, identify and manage stress, and overall mental well-being.

These are just a few courses to get you started and give you an advantage in your career. As a beginner, learning all you can, should be a priority. There are hundreds of courses available online for career advancement. e-Careers is a good place to start.

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