3 Ways That IT Meetings Over the Internet Can Go Wrong

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It doesn’t matter who you are or how good of a speaker you may be, if you are in the business of business, you will have to deal with meetings at one point or another in your career. And, as long as you are going to deal with meetings, then you have to be aware of some of the worst possible outcomes that can occur. When it comes to IT meetings over the internet, for example, you need to keep a few things in mind or else you could be dealing with some major problems and some wasted time and effort before you even know it.

Not Clarifying Objectives

Even though the majority of the people in the meeting and on the conference call may know exactly what they are supposed to do, the truth of the matter is far too often you will see meetings take sharp turns and deviate from the course that they are supposed to be on. According to INC., there are many ways to get off track when it comes to meetings but only one concrete one to stay on topic and keep the focus. What you will want to do is to be sure you can clarify your objectives right from the start and that everyone is aware of exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Nothing else.

When you picture a meeting that has clear objectives to accomplish instead of just trying to pass a given amount of time, you can truly see how powerful that meeting will be. And, if your employees and coworkers are aware of the fact that they can literally leave and move on with their day as soon as they are able to finish the objective, then you will be surprised to see just how many people are going to help push that meeting forward to try and accomplish the objectives at hand.

Include The Right People (But Not Too Many)

When it comes to having meetings, you need to be task oriented. It’s not just about having as many people as you can, however, you want to be able that you can bring in just the right number of people to your organizational meetings. No more, but also no less. The best method option for being able to communicate with as many people as possible is to utilize a cloud video meeting for IT app like BlueJeans. It absolutely makes sense to bring in as many people as possible, but you also need to be aware that having too many can cause too many problems.

One of the worst things that could happen if you bring in more people than needed is they could try to derail the meeting. You could also find them not being able to contribute, which could hurt motivation in the workplace. Finally, when you start to think about all of the time, energy, and money that is wasted by taking valuable resources and inviting them into a single meeting that they cannot even contribute to, you will see just how careful you have to be when it comes to IT meetings. Essential personnel only is the best strategy to be effective and efficient with your resources.

Use Up More Time Than Needed

Without stereotyping, you should already know that IT people in general tend to be more task oriented. Business leaders are also task oriented in general. That is why when it comes time to schedule meetings in one fashion or another, then you have to be aware of the fact that a given meeting could go wrong on a given day. That being said you also don’t want to assume that every meeting should go to the fully allotted and scheduled time. In fact, you will also want to try your best to make sure you get people out of a meeting early.

When you think about the types of people who can get the most accomplished in any organization, they are typically people who are able to wade through the mess and the muck and actually get things accomplished quickly. Those individuals are not the type of people who are going to be caught up in meetings all of the time, so if you want them as assets on your team you can expect to keep your meetings short or they will start to find reasons not to attend.

There are a handful of ways to be effective in meetings, and depending upon what you do you can see what makes the most sense for your specific topic and method of communication. That being said, when it comes time to present to others in an online IT setting, just make sure you are being as effective as possible so you can drive change and create real results.

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