3 Ways the Digital World Has Changed Our Lives

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Moving towards a digitally focused world is a fact of life in 2018’s age of technology. Almost everything we do has changed in ways we don’t even realise – from how we wake up on a morning to what we do just before bed at night. The digital world has grasped us in its hands and won’t let us go – and we love it. But what surprising day to day events have moved to a digital setting?

Digital Note-Taking

Carrying a pen and scrap of paper was a staple of life even just ten years ago. Ensuring we had a quick way of writing out a note when we were on the phone or wandering through our day to day lives ensured we were never without a writing implement. But the days of taking notes are over. Journalists, students, and those making phone calls no longer rely on the trusty pen, paper, and shorthand. We can record voices and transcribe them, type important information directly into our smartphones or tablets – even straight to the calendar, skipping a step from the traditional way. Not having to write out notes has been a blessing in that we have saved time and wrist ache, but also a curse in that calligraphy is seen as a dying art.

Digital Scratchcards

Scratchcards were once the domain of corner shops and magazines, offering us to scratch away shiny silver foil with the hope of seeing three of the same symbols and winning big. But the digital world has engulfed the scratch and win phenomenon. For example, William Hill scratchcards offer the opportunity to have the traditional scratchcard experience in a digital way online or on mobile. With a myriad of themes to choose from – including those themed around classics such as Ancient Egypt, films such as Ted, or TV shows such as Deal or No Deal. This means scratch card fans can choose a specific theme they enjoy to experience the quick scratch and potential win.

Source: Pixabay

Digital Question Answering

Who was that actress who played that woman in the film? What’s this song and who sings it? These questions – the kind that rattled around your brain until you had to share them, and then rattled around the brain of those you shared them with are now a thing of the past. If you have a question with a straightforward answer, the chances are that Google will know. If there’s a song playing you’re desperate to know the artist of, Shazam it. The development of voice search means that you can even directly ask Siri or Alexa the question and they will likely reply immediately. When debating the merits and drawbacks of the internet and its features, the ability to instantly assimilate knowledge has to be one of the biggest bonuses.

The digital world shows no signs of slowing down – and hopefully more unpleasant daily tasks can be digitised to save us time and allow us to enjoy ourselves to a greater degree. It starts with note taking, scratch cards, and question answering – but the bounds are limitless.

Featured Source: Pixabay

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