Of the many aspects of human behaviour that big data analysts are trying to understand better is what makes certain things go viral while others barely make a ripple.

This is what makes understanding why certain trends are quickly adopted by mainstream users better than others the Holy Grail for marketers everywhere. A good example of this phenomenon is mobile games and their exponential rise in the number of people that now play them.

While we may not be able to pinpoint the exact reasons, closer inspection of the popularity of mobile games reveals some clues, here are the 3 most important:

Gaming on the Go

One of the biggest advantages of the digital boom is that mobile phones brought about the ability to browse the internet on the go. This was an important step in the evolution of the gaming industry as many developers and operators had already established online gaming platforms for PC users.

There are many reasons why mobiles games such as Thunderstruck 2 become popular but gaming on the go is a big factor. Playing games on mobile provides instant entertainment, helps to pass the time, and is convenient and fun thus making mobile games more popular

Having access to the internet even when not at home or in an office therefore transformed mobiles from merely portable phones with one or two games on them to virtual arcades that give everyone access to vast libraries of content.

Console Quality Titles and No/ Low Cost

Although the online casino and gambling sector is the fastest growing mobile game genre, another big market involves console titles that have been ported to smartphone and tablet platforms.

The fast pace of innovation and technological development means that mobiles are in fact very powerful computers with amazing graphics and speed, albeit ones that can fit in our pockets!

Pricing for mobile games is also different with many available via the freemium model.  Mobile users therefore get to play console quality games at little or no cost and with the advantage of gaming on the go to boot.

Smartphones and mobiles are everywhere, and each user is automatically a potential casual gamer at the very least, or an enthusiastic fan depending on their interest. With the barrier of cost greatly reduced, more players are giving mobile games a go, and enjoying it.

Social Media

Another by-product of the ubiquity of mobiles is the rise of social media. Our smartphones keep us connected to friends and family not only through phone numbers, but through various shared messaging apps and social networks.

The sophistication of mobile technology makes it easy to keep in touch and share our passions, interest, or achievements socially, even in games. As such developers also integrate social media sharing capabilities in their content to allow players to show off their achievements and as a way to help market the game at the same time.

In conclusion, other games also allow multi-player modes and so that takes the unique aspect of social gaming above to the next level.

Gamers can interact with people who share similar likes as well as get advice from those communities and that enhances the whole mobile gaming experience and raises its popularity. Given that mobile is set to be the dominant trend for the foreseeable future, the same can be confidently said of mobile gaming as well.