3 Mobile MiFi; Car Edition

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Remember a while back we mentioned about the new mobile 3G WiFi that the 3 network put out called MiFi. Well now the mobile company are updating it’s wares for a version designed for use in the car. So if you’re looking for a mobile internet setup in your car to entertain your backseaters or for your business purposes read on.


The MiFi router was impressive when we first got wind of it a few months back allowing the user to  create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot surfing on a 3G network. This could then be divided into Wi-Fi gadgets, laptops, netbooks, games consoles, whatever needed a wireless internet connection on the go. What this new kit adds is car compatibility. A car charger and a windscreen mounted holder.


This allows users in the car to grab a secure wireless connection on the move allowing internet surfing, mobile online games whether it be handheld or via a laptop just whatever you can use it for. Now bundled with the car charger you wont have to worry about battery life and could really help on those long journeys or if you do a lot of work/travel allows you to work from your motor.


Available soon, the 3 Mobile in car Wi-Fi kit will cost £59.99 to start, but we haven’t got a price on tariffs or what data allowance you’ll get.


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