3 MiFi Priced

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We mentioned a few weeks ago about the 3 “MiFi” , the mobile 3G WiFi router that allows you to get an internet connection from anywhere and then connect several devices to said connection and use them how and where you please. Well its been priced up.

It will be offered with 2 plans that you can sign up for.

  • Broadband 5GB 1 month – With this you pay an upfront fee of £69.99. With this you get the router and a 1 month contract with 5GB of usage allowance. There will be a £15 a month fee after then to continue your contract.
  • Ready to Go – This starts with a £99.99 fee for the router which gives you 3GB data to be used over 3 months. After this you just top up as you do a pay as you go mobile and just top up as and when you need.

Just for some extra info the dongle/router will have a 5 hour battery life and will have a microSD slot. It will work the same way as your home router with a password to protect your signal. You can order online from 17th September and will be available in stores from the 18th.


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