14.4 Mbps Mobile Broadband for Vodafone

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Soon UK 3G customers of Vodafone will be able to get a whopping 14.4Mbps mobile broadband, making it faster than what most people have on their home broadband. The super fast speeds are being primed after they were trialled in various locations in the UK (London, Liverpool and Birmingham)


Vodafone has said its new service will be available to 80%  of its users whether they be mobile dongles or phones with no extra cost to upgrade to the service. Easy peasy then for you to be viewing sites or your favourite youtube videos even faster than you already were.


Obviously the likelyhood of you getting a 14.4Mbps connection speed will be slim, but it’s claimed an average of 10Mbps will be achievable still a lot faster than current mobile speeds and your average ADSL or Cable Home user. Could this be the end of home broadband, all we need is unlimited usage and it could be the future of broadband.


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