10 Web Design Tips and Trends to Look Out For in 2022

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The sheer growth of websites on the internet makes the role of web design much important. Look at the global number of new websites: more than 175 websites every minute and around 252,000 new websites every day.

The Importance of Good Web Design

88% of your audience would never return your website whenever they have a poor user experience. A good website is all about perfect visual design, usability, information accessibility, navigation, powerful branding, and more. To avoid poor performance and get close to the new technologies and tools, you should partner with a web design agency in London. The best companies like Focus on Digital will give you the finest on-site experience by creating engaging and impactful websites.

Moving into the future requires unique techniques, advanced tools and solutions. If you want to stay on track with your amazing design, you should keep up to date with the latest tips and trends in web design.

1.   Customisation

94% of customers' impression is connected to your website design. With a wide range of websites that your customers see every day, you should carefully consider every detail to ensure your website will stand out from the crowd. A customized website design will help to turn your prospects into customers and increase your revenue.

2.   Safety-first Approach

With the new technologies and techniques, keeping the principles that impact achieving a safe design becomes more crucial. Security in web design is important to keep away from hacker attacks, protect critical systems and sensitive information. Through a proactive security strategy, web developers manage to reduce risks.

3.   Gender-neutral Design

From pink, blue to gender-neutral design: the trend for gender neutrality in design is becoming more popular. With gender-inclusive language and design solutions, the web developers promote equality and ensure the website will not discriminate against a particular gender. It will help to target more audiences and increase brand reputation. 

4.   Responsive Design

Through a responsive web design, the web developers solve a lot of crucial issues to reach your marketing goals. When designing a website in 2022, you should not ignore the role of responsive design. 73.1% of web designers believe that a non-responsive design will be a huge reason for a visitor to leave the website.

5.   More Human-Like Chatbots

A humanised chatbot is becoming a competitive advantage for a brand. It helps to increase customer trust and user experience. Most customers prefer speaking with a customer care specialist. On the other hand, chatbots help cut costs by over 30 per cent. With a human-like chatbot, you will be able to cover the user's needs with less spending.

6.   Engaging Interactives

The website must greatly communicate with the user. That is the reason interactivity in web design is becoming a crucial trend. This user-driven function helps the website visitors to get the content and interact with it. It can enhance the user experience.

7.   Animated Illustrations

 Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements have become popular. These unique web design solutions help the visitors better understand how the website works. Besides, it is a bespoke way to grab attention and increase the engagement rate.

8.   More Real-Life Experience

Advanced tools and solutions help to give customers near-real-world experiences. Next year promises more opportunities for web designers to use unique visuals for the website. 3D animations and mixing 2D with 3D objects are becoming more trendy. It is one of the best ways to attract visitors.

9.   Content that Speaks to the Visitors

One of the most crucial elements of your business' website is to create clear, relevant and personalised content that delivers the right message to the visitors. You should not miss this important step to target the visitors.

10.                Non-Traditional Scrolling

Your website should have non-traditional scrolling to engage users and create a more unique experience. It can include animation, creative typography or other solutions. Scrolling can improve customer interaction with your site. It can either make or break the user experience.


It only takes a few seconds for a visitor to create the first impression of your website. More than 38% of visitors will never engage with poor web design. Your website design plays a significant role in your online performance. Finding a professional web design agency will ensure your success.

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