1. Join

I first heard about Join on Reddit where it gets quite a bit of love from /r/Android, but I don’t see it mentioned anywhere else that often.

Following the ridiculous pricing of Pushbullet’s new premium service, Join has filled the void. It offers all the important features you want from Pushbullet including:

  • Cross-device notifications
  • SMS/MMS across devices
  • Clipboard sharing
  • And much more

It isn’t actually free though, there is a one-off payment of $4.99, which is what Pushbullet costs PER MONTH.

  1. GlassWire

No UK phone company offers unlimited data anymore, and with the growth of streaming, keeping an eye on how much data you are using is always a good idea.

The GlassWire Android app keeps a running, live graph of network activity coming out of your phone, both on WiFi or mobile data connection. You can go back in time to see which apps were accessing what, easily check an app’s permissions, set your data plan limit to get notifications as you inch closer to its cap and get an instant notification every time an app accessing data for the first time.

  1. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft bought Wunderlist back in 2015, and it is still one of the best task list apps out there, but its days are numbered when MS are happy with To-Do they will shut down Wunderlist.

While offering most of the functionality of Wunderlist, To-Do also has deep integration with Office 365 which will make it a great app for businesses.

  1. William Hill (or other apps)

Moving away from productivity and to have a little fun, the Betting Top 100 is the best sport betting comparison site which has allowed me to find the best promotions for my weekly football bets.

  1. Libby

If you enjoy reading then Libby is a must have app. Rather than spend a fortune on Kindle books, Libby allows you to loan eBooks and audiobooks from your local library.

Libby acts as both the ebook ready and can play audiobooks. You can login into multiple libraries at once and Libby will consolidate all your loans

  1. Movie Pal

Movie Pal is a great app to use for watching movies with a partner or friends. It helps you find out movies that the whole group has not seen yet. You can create groups, invite your friends and then add movies, with each person marking them off as watched or not.

  1. Podcast Go

With podcasts like Serial making podcasts go mainstream, there has been a huge influx of Podcast apps. Podcast Go is probably the best out there with its beautiful user-friendly design that allows you to find, download, and listen to podcasts offline any place and anytime.

You can subscribe your favourites artists so you will be always up to date.

  1. Telegram / Signal

Not technically a new app, but with the growth of privacy concerns apps like Telegram and Signal have boomed in popularity. Telegram arguably isn’t as secure as Signal, but it is a much nicer app which I prefer to use over WhatsApp whenever possible. It is regularly updated with new features.

  1. ExpressVPN

Following on from Telegram, it is a good idea to have a VPN such as ExpressVPN too, this can help get around firewall restrictions and often give you access to Netflix from different regions. More importantly, it secures the data your transmit from your phone.

  1. Last Pass

Last but not least, not a new App but an essential one, is LastPass. With all the hacking issues recently it is more important than ever to use secure passwords, but remembering unique passwords is impossible.

Last Pass remembers all your passwords and secures them with bank-level encryption, meaning you only need to remember one master password. It can then fill out usernames and passwords automatically. Which is extremely useful when you get a new Android phone and have to log in to everything again.