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Published on January 30th, 2014 | by James


Year of Revolution for Major E Cig Brand

As one of the World’s most famous electronic cigarette brands; Joyetech have always taken it upon themselves to lead the industry in terms of product quality and innovation. This year will be no different for the brand as they continue to release innovate, ground-breaking electronic cigarette devices.

Rather than relying on gimmicks and head-turning tricks, the Joyetech design and development team have concentrated their efforts on perfecting the technology and producing electronic cigarettes of the highest quality with customer usage being of primary concern.

The newest model to roll off the production line is the eCom, which utilises the technology in the hugely popular eMode but wraps it up in a smaller bundle. Eschewing the propensity of other manufacturers to create burdensome, bulky electronic cigarettes; Joyetech have designed the eCom to be sleek and lightweight – making it far more pleasurable to use and to carry at all times.

Like many of Joyetech’s signature electronic cigarettes, the eCom is a variable voltage device which means that the user can manually alter its power to their specific tastes. If the vaper want a fuller experience with more vapour to inhale or wants a more subtle experience, then this can be altered as and when they desire.

The Joyetech eCom is available from a number of respected retailers in the UK and throughout the World as well as on their website and those of their partners. One such partner, TECC, enthuses about the popularity of the products. A TECC spokesperson revealed: “The Joyetech brand is one that always inspires confidence within our customers and their products don’t hang around long on the shelves.”

Joyetech’s range of accessories also makes the brand a pioneer for stylish electronic cigarette design and use. The iconic eRoll electronic cigarette is famed for its iPod-esque charging and carry case that exudes far more beauty that a crumpled packet of cigarettes in the handbag.

For Joyetech, the challenge isn’t convincing people to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to the electronic alternative, it is to make the entire experience all the more enjoyable for those who have taken the plunge.

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