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Quad Core Asus G71 Laptop

Asus is set to release the words first official Quad Core gaming notebook! Based on the new Intel QX9300 quad-core processor the laptop comes with a 17 inch display,  GeForce 9700M GT GDDR3 512MB, 4gb Ram and up to 1TB hard...

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MacBook Air Patched

Apple’s paper-thin notebook machine has received a fairly major software update, reports The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Accessed via the usual updating system within OS X, the patch addresses issues with video playback as...

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Which low cost laptop to get?

Over the past few days I have been considering buying a new laptop. It is for work but far from essential. It will only be used for emails, web browsing, blogging, maybe the occasional word document or perhaps something as...

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My first experience of Linux Mint

I am not the most experienced of Linux users, deep down a am a Windows fanboy, not really out of choice though, more due to the fact I was brought up on them, I have always used them, and the fact that Windows is still the ONLY...

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