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Published on May 30th, 2014 | by James


Why mobile casinos and apps are eclipsing browser casinos

Smartphones may be a lot smaller than computers and laptops, but there is no getting away from the fact that they are beginning to eclipse the larger gadgets when it comes to casino gaming. Technology’s equivalent to the David and Goliath battle has proved to be one hell of a fight, but it seems David is once again triumphing, or in the casino world at least.

One of the main reasons for the smartphones’ rise to prominence is that of manoeuvrability. There is no arguing that they have the advantage in the size department, given that many phones can fit in your side pocket, making for easy access. A laptop or computer however, is a lot harder to just pick up and play with, given their size and weight.

Think about it this way, you are on a long journey, you’re waiting for something or you just want to kill time with a few games of blackjack,  then you’re going to instinctively pick what’s close to hand, fast. When it comes to speed, it takes a lot less time to start an app than it does a laptop or computer. The sheer reality is that while five years ago most people would be reading this article on a laptop or computer, people are now just as much likely to be reading from smartphone due to its impressive evolution.

Not only is an app easier access, it is also condensed, making the content more direct and for gamers, getting straight to the tables and slots is extremely important. If you were to play now on mobile or smartphones you would find less of a catalogue than that of a browser casino, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For you see, the apps take the best of the bunch and pile them together to bring you the best slot and table games that are on offer, which means you don’t have to spend time deciphering which games are worth giving a try. 32Red have taken over thirty of their slot and table games, for example, and piled them into one app, in order to give customers the experience they feel they deserve.

Graphics are also enhanced on apps, due to the latest app building technologies. It takes a lot longer to create visually stunning graphics on the larger screen of a laptop or a computer, but with an app the screen is only several inches wide, so you can enjoy the casino just as much as you would if you were sat there right now. The belief that quality is more important than quantity can be justified here, as I’m sure you would agree that a smaller screen with better visuals is more appealing than a larger screen, that is perhaps more pixelated.

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, an app can send you push notifications, meaning you will always be in the know when it comes to new bonuses and promotions, which are far from a rarity in the gaming world. 32Red casino especially are known for their amazing offers to both old and new customers and let’s face it, you would rather find out you won the ‘$250 daily freeroll’ tournament immediately, through push notification, than several hours later when checking your email. The truth is, browser casinos can send out emails, but not many people are checking their mail boxes every five minutes, so it is likely that you will miss out on a whole host of great casino offers should you stick to browser gaming.

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