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Published on September 11th, 2007 | by James


iPhone unlocked on camera from start to finish video by Engadget

So there is a lot of hype about unlocking the iPhone recently. Engadget have have realease a pretty good video of the full unlock process iPhoneSIMfree unlock.

Here are the steps that are recorded.

  1. Started with AT&T SIM inserted
  2. Inserted T-Mobile SIM, showed that it produces invalid SIM error (expected behavior for a locked iPhone)
  3. Connected to iPhone over SSH
  4. Transferred iPhoneSIMfree unlock app over SCP
  5. Restarted SpringBoard (iPhone default application launcher)
  6. Ran iPhoneSIMfree app
  7. When complete, iPhone shows that T-Mobile SIM no longer produces invalid SIM error, instead asks for activation (expected behavior for an iPhone that has a valid SIM, but is not yet activated)
    • Prep for re-activation off camera using iAsign (phone is now unlocked, but still activated with AT&T)
  8. Back on camera: activate iPhone with T-Mobile SIM using iAsign
  9. Make test call to another phone
  10. Activate iPhone once more with AT&T SIM using iAsign



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