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Published on May 21st, 2014 | by James


Hitting the lotto

We all dream about winning the lottery, you’d be mad not to. Who doesn’t want money for nothing? Gone would be the days of pining for a product in the Argos catalogue, heck you wouldn’t even shop at Argos.

If one won £5million on the national lottery or the Irish winning seven you’d go on a mad shopping spree. So below is a compiled list of some of the most eccentric, and awesome, gadgets that you could treat yourself to if you did hit the lotto.

Tron Motorcycle – £34,500


Technically speaking it isn’t really a gadget but when it looks that good, who cares? Anyone who has seen 2010 film Tron Legacy will remember a few things, most notably the Light Cycle. So why not buy one for yourself? This road-legal illuminated motorbike is a must have for any wannabe playboy, it’s sub-zero cool, and one of the first things any fanboy should treat themselves to if they find themselves stacked.

Aerodream One docking station – £350,000


If you thought your friends Bluetooth speakers were impressive you will be absolutely bowled over by the Aerodeam One. This 10,000 watt, 11 foot speaker requires you to climb a ladder just to dock your iPod. Available in chrome, black or white, this speaker has enough amps to blow your head off, which considering the price tag is what you’d expect. If you cannot justify $560,000 then maybe the $1,778 Aerobull will be more to your standing. The quirky docking station is literally a replica bulldog that accommodates for your iPod in its head – it may sound crazy but is pretty astonishing.

The Emperor 2000 – £31,000

The Emperor 2000

This fully enclosable pod is billed as the ultimate ergonomic work station. With touch screen control, three LED screens, air filtering, an electric powered leather seat and BOSE audio, we see it as the ultimate gaming station. If you were an avid gamer and had hit the big time you would definitely part with some of that cash for the Emperor 2000. How sick would be to have your PS4 on one screen, your Xbox One on another and still have a screen left over to watch Game of Thrones?

BOXX scooter suitcase – £2496

BOXX scooter suitcase

If you’re not fortuitous enough to own your own plane then you will have to work through airports, it doesn’t matter how rich you are. If you feel that walking around the airport is beneath you then you will want a BOXX. These sit on electric scooter suitcases, not only store your luggage but they allow you to drive round like a boss. How often does someone see another riding a suitcase? With one of these you would be top dog in the terminal.

Kohler Numi Toilet – £4000


A lot of us do our best thinking on the toilet and if we had the Kohler Numi toilet it would pretty hard to get back off it. Features include; motion-activated toilet cover and seat, seat and feat warmers, a bidet, dryer, deodorizer, illuminated panels, Bluetooth speakers, an SD slot and the toilet equivalent of an iPad. This is no toilet, this is a throne.

Fingers crossed people, hopefully one day you will win the lottery and be able to afford these unnecessary but unbelievably awesome gadgets for yourself.

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